Baseball Community Stunned As College Pitching Staff Goes Injury Free in 2015

Astra Group CEO, Mark McClure, whose clinics have eliminated 50+ cases of Tommy John Surgery over the past 20 months using the ARP Wave System, announced today that the Lynn University pitching staff reported zero injuries during the 2015 season after implementing his patented ARP Wave Tommy John Surgery Elimination program.
By: NY News
MIAMI - June 23, 2015 - PRLog -- In the summer of 2014, Mark McClure headed onto the campus of Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida to meet with their baseball team's head coach, Rudy Garbalosa, about McClure’s Tommy John Surgery Elimination program. McClure’s clinic in Texas (Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab), had been making waves in the sports medical community for their consistent ability in eliminating the need for Ulnar Collateral Surgery (referred to as Tommy John Surgery), and Garbalosa was skeptical and intrigued at the same time. So he and his training staff invited McClure to the campus and provided a pitcher with chronic UCL pain as way for him to demonstrate the ARP Wave technologies effectiveness.

Seeing is believing for collegiate head baseball coach

“The pitcher had been having elbow pain throughout the season and was clearly inflamed. Rest, stim, nothing worked. Prior to the treatment with McClure he had a pain level of 7 when he did a throwing motion. At the end of the session, his pain level was zero. Nothing. He immediately went into the ARP Wave program and is now pain free, injury free and the elbow issue that he had for a year is gone. Completely. This is the real deal. If you’re a pitcher with elbow, shoulder and overall arm issues, you need to check this out first. We were so impressed by the results we bought the ARP Wave system and are using this on our entire pitching staff. This is a game changer for baseball,” Garbalosa stated.

Prior to the start of the 2015 season, every pitcher on the team underwent the Tommy John Surgery Elimination protocols, even if they were not having pain, as a powerful injury prevention tool.

“The ARP Wave is not only the most effective rehab tool in existence today, but there is no other tool that I can think of that can prevent injury the way the ARP Wave can. None. You see, we are an electrical mechanism being run by a nervous system, the nervous system and brain run everything that we do. Your muscles are shock absorbers. Take the shocks off your car, you ruin your car frame. Same with the human body. If your muscles cannot create and absorb force effectively, you get injured and ruin your frame. This is a neurological issue, not a physical one and needs to be treated that way. So using a pitcher as an example, when they throw, the brain sends a signal for the appropriate muscles to absorb and create force. If there is scar tissue, that creates a neurological disconnect so that signal cannot get through fast enough and thus this force is sent to areas of the body not meant to absorb force. Usually the UCL and labrum in the case of the pitcher. This vicious cycle continues until there is extreme inflammation and ultimately a tear. The pitcher gets surgery, than rehabs and returns and guess what? The problem is still there because the neurological origin still has not been addressed, and no amount of therapy, rest, ice, stim, laser, ultra sound, massage, etc., will ever, ever change that. Only the ARP Wave can,“ McClure added.

And the results at the end of the 51 game season? SHOCKING!

“Once we have cleaned up those neurological disconnects there is no longer undue force going to the UCL region. Force out, increased blood flow in equals rapid UCL healing and no need for surgery or lengthy rehab. Our pitchers are back in days as opposed to months and the results are permanent. In terms of injury prevention, what we did with the Lynn University pitching staff was scanned all the pitchers arms, located and cleaned up these neuro disconnects prior to the fall season so we could eliminate the chance of arm injuries,” McClure added. “This prevention measure was so effective that for the entire fall season and the entire 51 game spring season the Lynn University pitching staff had zero injuries and arm issues. Let me repeat that, the entire pitching staff went the full season without any pain or arm issues and ended the season as fresh as when they started. That’s the power of my Tommy John Surgery Elimination program.”

Two NCAA Division 1 coaches, both of whom asked not to be mentioned, responded to our emails asking for feedback on McClure's Tommy John Surgery elimination program and the injury free season of the Lynn's pitching staff;

"Stunning. Absolutely stunning and a push for us to give this technology strong consideration in bringing it in as part of our rehab program."

"While our training staff is good, we have never had an injury free season. So we will certainly research this a lot further. It's unprecedented."

So is Tommy John surgery an “epidemic” that can be eliminated?

The American Sports Medicine Institute has stated that Tommy John Surgery has increased 20% each and every year from 2004-2013, and that number has continued to climb ever since. Baseball coaching professionals such as Jay Kokora (pitching expert and instructor from Boulder, CO) however, think that McClure’s therapy has merit and witnessed the results firsthand;

“A pitcher on one of the teams I oversee had been having UCL issues consistently to the point he couldn’t throw more than 30 pitches without excruciating pain. This had been going on for over 3 years, and he tried everything and nothing worked. So I reached out to Mark McClure and had the pitcher go into the “in home” Tommy John Surgery Elimination program to give it a shot. At the end of 3 days he was throwing up to 90 pitches pain free and stopped because of exhaustion not because of pain. By the 10th session he was throwing 100+ pitches pain free! The 3 year-old UCL issue has been eliminated and he is now back on the mound throwing at full velocity and he couldn’t be happier. This is going to change the landscape for baseball arm care.”

Is this going to change the landscape for how baseball arm injuries are treated?

So far the results McClure and his clinics are generating are beginning to build a very, very convincing case. And with a 95% success rate (as indicated in this powerful, 13 minute Tommy John rehab tutorial ) in eliminating the need for UCL surgery coupled with verifiable injury free seasons for collegiate pitching staffs, the odds are looking good that we may have found the answer to the Tommy John injury rehab question. Only time will tell.


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