Solutionz Technologies’ Intelligent, TripPlanz Toolkit trumps traditional travel planning

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TripPlanz Toolkit, intelligent trip planning
TripPlanz Toolkit, intelligent trip planning
TAMPA, Fla. - June 15, 2015 - PRLog -- Solutionz Technologies today announced the pilot launch of its TripPlanz Toolkit to 2,300 clients in the US and Canada, enabling integrated, intelligent trip planning for over 24,000 events per month.

The Toolkit offers the ability for those outside of the traditional travel industry to quickly and easily add intelligent trip planning and booking services to their websites, blogs and customer communications.

In its simplest form, TripPlanz Toolkit allows organizations and event planners to deliver real time availability, pricing and booking of hotel rooms, air travel, and car rentals directly to their precise location travelers thru an interactive VISIT US feature. “It is our vision for travelers to plan around where they are really going, without having to do time consuming research first. The VISIT US page is the first step in making that happen,” says Solutionz founder and CEO, Chicke Fitzgerald.

For the last 20 years, trip planning has been focused around airports and city centers, often producing imprecise results for travelers. The TripPlanz Toolkit suite is designed to save time and make planning easier for both the traveller and for the venue they are visiting.

Fitzgerald added, “We help people get precisely where they need to be and find available hotels near that location –a redesign of traditional trip planning.”

FrontRunner, a leader in software solutions for the funeral services industry, is the pilot enterprise partner for the new TripPlanz product that can be utilized by families and guests attending funerals, memorials and visitations. “Funeral Concierge Services, powered by TripPlanz, will allow the traveler to find and reserve the hotel of their choice near the funeral event, easing the logistics in their time of grief,” says Kevin Montroy, the CEO and Founder of FrontRunner.

“We know from experience that approximately 10% of all funeral home attendees come from over 50 miles away and of those, 89% of travel to funerals and memorial services are by car. Finding a hotel near the service is a critical part of the planning process, as most current travel sites focus on hotels near airports and city centers, versus where the traveler is really going,” says Fitzgerald.

Solutionz Technologies has partnered with Priceline Partner Network™ for hotel reservations. Fitzgerald cites, “With the shift in power on the Internet moving to the consumer, we are putting 100% of our focus on developing technologies that ease trip planning around life events, for both event planners and individuals, as well as travel to any venue, company or organization utilizing our VISIT US tool. “Priceline Partner Network has made it easy for us to deliver this capability across all devices with the full depth of their inventory, an intuitive user experience throughout the booking process, as well as top-notch customer service.”

Solutionz Technologies is accepting applications for its free pilot program for the TripPlanz Toolkit from companies, venues and events that wish to add intelligent trip-planning to their website, blog or customer communications. For more information, see

About Solutionz Technologies

Chicke Fitzgerald founded Tampa-based Solutionz in 1996 and has been providing strategic advisory services to the travel, technology and investment communities for nearly 20 years.

Sister company, Solutionz Technologies, founded in 2012, is the only company offering event and venue centered trip planning, scheduling, and reservations, developed by travelers for travelers. The Company puts the consumer and their needs at the center of all their products and services. Solutionz Technologies’ TripPlanz Toolkit™ provides venues, events, universities, hospitals and companies with integrated, intelligent trip planning solutions to their travelers, bringing ease to all of life’s travel needs.

To learn more or to explore enterprise partnership opportunities contact:

Solutionz Technologies LLC
Chicke Fitzgerald at 1-813-925-0789
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