Beachside Recovery Center Utilizes New Technology in Holistic Addiction Treatment

By: Beachside Recovery Center
Luxury Living Amenities of Beachside Recovery Center
Luxury Living Amenities of Beachside Recovery Center
May 14, 2015 - PRLog -- Beachside Recovery Center knows that addiction is an illness that destroys both the body and the mind over a lengthy period of drug or alcohol abuse. Because of this, they want to help as many people as possible break the cycle of substance abuse before it is too late. Their network of providers is passionate about creating customized addiction treatment programs for each of their clients, and their luxury housing accommodations are the ideal location for recovery.  A few simple evaluations and assessments with a case manager will enlighten them as to each client’s personal history with addiction and will enable them to design the right addiction recovery program for each individual.

Already well known for their dual diagnosis treatment programs, Beachside Recovery has shown that they are even more committed to holistic and comprehensive health through the inclusion of Nexalin Technology in their vast array of treatment options. Beachside is proud to offer this new, cutting edge treatment program that can be used to treat side effects of addiction in the brain. Nexalin is drug free and has been approved by the FDA as a highly effective, natural treatment for many issues involving the brain’s neurochemistry. Studies have shown that the use of the Nexalin waveform can drastically reset the brain’s hypothalamus.

Nexalin sessions are safe, comfortable, and relaxing. Many clients have even reported falling asleep during treatment. Nexalin Treatment is both long lasting and has no harmful side effects. Initially, most patients will be given a treatment plan that involves 10-20 Nexalin sessions over a 2-4 week period. The length of each treatment session lasts about 40 minutes and involves having a pad placed on the forehead, as well as behind each ear. The stimulating waveform is virtually imperceptible as it targets the hypothalamus and midbrain. This repetitive waveform has been shown to support certain resets of brain functions.

Beachside Recovery Center accepts new clients on a rolling enrollment basis. They strive to keep a low capacity in order to offer comprehensive, holistic healthcare. At Beachside, the staff to client ratio is almost 1:1. This statistic is nearly unheard of at most drug rehab centers. Beachside’s network of providers is committed to providing individualized care and support throughout the entirety of each client’s stay in their magnificent housing accommodations.

The length of treatment at Beachside Recovery Center can last 30, 60, or 90 days, and is always determined with a case manager at the beginning of treatment. Beachside’s network of providers wants their clients to be able to focus on restoration and healing throughout their recovery. Their network of providers is pleased to offer amenities such as transportation to, from, and during their addiction treatment programs, access to 24 hour fitness facilities, and a private chef at each meal. Beachside is truly passionate about holistic health and comprehensive care. Contact them today to learn more about Nexalin sessions and the broad spectrum of services that they offer.


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