Imperato (I ) for pres 2016 closer to filing ,on Israel -Palestinian State -Vatican-pope

Imperato speaks on the shift in Vatican policies in order to change the race leadership and Gender gap along with support for Palestinian state with hopes to take back the catholic control of the us elections.
By: imperato for president
May 14, 2015 - PRLog -- Imperato ( I ) for pres 2016 gets closer to filing ,speaks on Israel -Palestinian State -Vatican-pope Francis - Obama - Cuba - Iraq

Imperato speaks on  the shift in Vatican policies in order to change the race leadership and Gender gap along with support for Palestinian state with hopes to take back the catholic control of the us elections as prior union workers did support the catholic church before the divide of republican Christianity .

Now its  women who’s chosen next but we will see as in equal rights for women and support from the catholic church as Ethel Kennedy being the biggest supported and cardinal Harvey the leader in Chicago.

Remember the democrats supported before the catholic vote controls the elections with the union workers support and the unions who are tied to the holy see until the republican separated the faith by saying they are Christians and the Catholics are not their catholic .

Combining the Hispanics America s , labor workers and the women under the umbrella of the catholic church and Pope Francis regains the control of the us popular vote and catholic money.

Well that game is over we are all Christians and all together weather catholic, protestant, evangelical ,messianic ,Christian ,spirit filled people we are all of HIM and we are all Judeo-Christians as in our foundation the united states constitution.

The republics have taken the so call Christians and bashed the others with TV and other Christian leaders.

Remember Christ was born a Jew and was a charismatic Christian and he excepted all people as one and never separated Catholics from Christians as he republicans have and that’s why they are loosing there own party strength and leadership because its about GOD fearing people not labeling others as in Muslims ,Iranian , Buddhist or any other for that matter.

America is and must support Israel for peaceful solutions and to defendant he Judeo Christian values and mosses law after all as Netanyahu point at mosses in his speech to us. Israel Judeo -Christian 6000 years of history must be protected because America was the new Israel and built on the foundation of a Judeo -Christian constitutional supreme law of the land. Yet the leadership and the government s majority seems to ignore and vacates the very foundation and violate the judiciary acts 1789 and  their oaths. that’s why we have judgment upon us.

The fact are as follows says Imperato “The holy see has lost grounds since loss of THE GREAT POPE JOHN PAUL (soon to become a saint) and the appointment of cardinal Ratzinger as pope Benedict and now is trying to regain leadership” by the way both popes had Jewish blood..

The Vatican support of Obama is based on the peacemaker theory when Obama said  too look in the mirror the Catholics I Ireland were terrorists an some still are as in the IRA.

The Vatican support noble peace prize winner based on his multicultural and religious background of Cathology Christianity and Muslim faiths.

The Vatican recognized the chance to become a power player

In Palestinian state talks with Israel supporting the growth of the Muslim faith overtaking the catholic faith .

The Catholics has 1.5 bb followers and the Muslims were less then 250 ,000 until 9 /911 the best media play by Osama bin laden and the worst decision for the USA going to war in Iraq in the way we did.

We need special forces then and should have wiped out alqueda and not the revolutionary guard, nor should we have hung Saddam Husain the mother of all wars. NOW IT’S THE 4 TH BLOOD MOON.

In addition we had the change to embrace Cuba when Fidel passed and raul stepped in .it been long waiting as I spoke on this ,oppurtunity in 2006. At that time I was just and independent candidate that no one listen too .yet 20/20 shows I was right along with many other of the policies of implemented buy the administration.

The Vatican support for a Palestinian state is crucial as well as a divide which may in fact hurt the USA catholic church and its clergy as well as possibly help them based on the growth of the Muslim population in the USA.

The holy see is a catholic dinosaur and the most powerful secret organization of the world.

The pope is coming now to America to speak at to the congress and the people to lobby further support to try to fix the divide between the catholic conference of bishops and the holy see.

The both are one but very opposed and very different .

Pope Francis is very close to opus dei in south America which make s up the world largest catholic population .

The USA is the richest of Catholics with both north America and western hemisphere experiencing influx in Muslim faith as well as other inter -religious human beings.

That’s the point were are all human beings an we need to be mindful of that.

More will to come

Daniel Imperato  Dr. Fr. Km ssp gm+ob

561 805 9494

imperato assc
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