Lujayn Offers Big Earning Opportunities for B2B Clienteles

Lujayn is a pool of talented web and mobile software developers working in highly conductive development environment to yield the excellent quality at premium rates especially for B2B clients who hire dedicated developers
AHMEDABAD, India - May 14, 2015 - PRLog -- Lujayn is famous for its outsourcing services in areas of web development and mobile application programming in India. It has accumulated pool of talented software designers and programmers over the time. Today it has earned a big prestige in Joomla web development and iPhone app development niches in particular.

Recently, Lujayn has reduced the charges over its various hiring packages including hire dedicated programmers where many obvious opportunities laid and can be explored. When press people have run inquiry over various hiring resources, its marketing managers have provided deep insights.

According to her, Lujayn has especially designed hire dedicated developers or hire dedicated programmers or hire dedicated designers services for B2B clients who are striving to hire an entire team with great expectations and some obvious temptations to make fortune from that work.

She had depicted a broad picture of the demand of hiring dedicated teams from offshore software development companies particularly from India. According to her all B2B clients are suffering from

-Talent crunch

-Lack of infrastructural facilities

-Lack of constant work

- Inabilities to manage hiring process, keeping in-house team, and spending according to local laws

-Inability to bearing extra load of additional domain expertise

Thus, Lujayn faces numerous inquiries from B2B clienteles across the globe particularly from the affluent countries such as US, Canada, Australia, and UK as well as other European nations for such B2B partnerships. In due course, management teams of Lujayn have devised hire dedicated developers packages with desired flexibilities and affordability to suit various requirements.

Moreover, CEO of Lujayn has informed press professionals that how the team of marketing is working on various incentives declared time-to-time and on some special occasions. According to her Lujayn is aiming to offer extraordinary discounts on hire iPhone application developer packages because it is trendy and company has enough talents to serve on highly intricate as well as big scale projects on time bound manners.

She has displayed portfolio items to the press persons where many successful projects related to advance iBeacon technologies, GPS technologies particularly for Geo-fencing, cloud computing integration, Bitcoin payment gateway integration, supporting iPhone apps for wearable applications of diverse nature and niches, and so on.

Similarly, she had shown Android projects with desired success on beating fragmentation issues and support for BYOD applications for enterprises. Data driven and mobility solutions were significant and worth to mention here with high quality performance.

Finally, she has explained to the press people that how their support and maintenance teams of working in tandem with hire dedicated programmers ( teams round-the-clock and making effective conversations with clients coming from different cultures as well as from different time zones.

About Lujayninfoways:
Lujayn is solely aiming to offer customer satisfaction and client-centrist approaches for its web and mobile development at highly competitive rates in the market since its inception.

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