US-based RMANNCO, Inc. Registers Trademark for Proprietary "Honeybee Nano Bubbles" Product

RMANNCO Brands A New Species of Pourable Sweetener Designed to Replace Granulated Sugar in Human Diet: Made with Natural Raw Honey and Shaped into Microscopic-sized Balls that Have a Hollow Core
BANNER ELK, N.C. - May 9, 2015 - PRLog -- ~ RMANNCO, Inc. CEO, Joyce Mann, announced today that the company caused the filing of a formal Trademark Registration before the US Patent and Trademark Office concerning its proprietary sugar substitute product called, "Honeybee Nano Bubbles".

Mann said, "The Honeybee Nano Bubbles product is so unique, and constitutes such a "total game changer" in the food and beverage sweetener segment, the Management Team felt that before it announced the breakthrough, or even mentioned the product's name, that every measure should be taken to protect the branding of this new species of natural food sweetener product created using only natural, raw honey". Mann said that the new product was invented by RMANNCO's Chief Scientist, Dr. Joseph A. Resnick, at the company's R&D laboratory in Lenoir, NC.

When asked about development of the new product, Dr. Resnick said, "The Honeybee Nano Bubbles were created using the proprietary microencapsulation instrument I invented while working with NASA and are actually pretty easy to manufacture". Resnick continued, "There's a substantial body of evidence in the literature clearly showing that consumption of highly refined, granulated cane sugar is not good for humans. Consumption of these highly refined substances can lead to all manner of diseases, including dental caries, Type 1 and Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity and, ultimately, disabilty and death. I was tasked with finding and creating a 'healthy alternative' product leading to replacement of cane sugar in the human diet. And I did that using man's oldest known, natural sweetener, Honey".

The Honeybee Nano Bubbles were designed to function as an all-natural dietary replacement for table sugar and artificial chemical sweeteners such as powdered chemical compounds.

Speaking to questions about physical differences between granulated sugar and the new Honeybee Nano Bubbles, Dr. Resnick said, "I decided to take my studies of Honey and Beeswax 'to the next level' in terms of comparing sugar granuals to microspheres using honey. Granulated sugar has sides that are 'flat'. Flat surfaces have a propensity to 'line-up', are hygroscopic (i.e., take on water) and this results in those kinds of structures <e.g., salt/sugar> sticking together and not flowing freely. You see, the surface area of a sphere is decidedly different from a grain of granulated sugar. The surface area in my new nano bubbles, at any one point, is negligible, i.e., there's nothing for anything to stick-to...and because the spheres are 'almost perfectly-round', they cannot stick to each other. This results in what's called, 'improved flow-ability'. Another feature from the nutritional perspective due to this configuration, is that the caloric index of the honeybee nano bubbles is reduced proportional to the % loading or size of the core. For example, take a drop of honey that contains, say, 100 calories. When I process the raw honey, which removes the unhealthy fruit-sugar/water, the result is a microscopic-sized ball with a hollow core. This configuration reduces the caloric value of the manufactures by 50-70%resulting in a healthier food sweetener product. Processing has no effect on taste or Brix Index of the maufactures and the instrument allows me the strictest control of the Vanderwalls incident during manufacture. What's so unique about the manufactures is that you can actually see the matrix of the honey, with the natural sugars (in the honey) appearing and comprising the chrystalline outer shell. Actually, this is one of the features that makes/allows the new product to 'flow' so freely".

When asked, "How do you actually make these nano bubbles?", Resnick said, "Think of it in terms of how 'Cotton Candy' is created ... and what's involved in that process. With a cotton candy maker, heat and an artificial vortex impact carbon molecules to impart a molecular phase-change resulting in alteration of the sugar's chrystalline matrix in a coascervation vessel (cotton candy machine). Those forces result in a lengthening of the sugar molecule and that results in creation of the cotton candy product. I, pretty much, do the same thing with my instrument, but I exploit astrophysical phenomenae to produce the edible nanospheres which are not 'stretched' as in the case with cotton candy. Rather, the natural sweetner compounds in the Honey, the 'good sugars', if you will, are forced into the shape of a near-perfect sphere due to my ability to control the astrophysical events that are taking place during the manufacture process using my instrument, which includes compensating for the Coriolis Effect".

Ms. Mann stated that RMANNCO, Inc. has commenced negotiations toward licensing the technology and branding rights to several of the largest sugar production companies in Brazil, Thailand and in China.

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