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MAY DAY MAY DAY The county is broken(Romney) ,it needs reform (Paul). The SEC is out of control. “no Justice”
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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - May 1, 2015 - PRLog -- MAY DAY  MAY DAY  The county is broken(Romney) ,it needs reform (Paul). The SEC is out of control.  “no Justice”

(I) “Dan the man “ The government is OUT OF ODER  foundationally and fundamentally and nothing works ,violating the oaths of office and the foundation of or Judeo Christian biblical  us constitution.

” GOD IS MAD” Brother - Sister in danger of distinction , BLOOD MOONS.

Citizens get in ORDER oath  to defend the biblical principles,our founders fathers .(constitution), concerning the biblical constitution.

         "danger of distinction."

government is OUT OF ORDER, dysfunctional educational dilemma , greed , self interest.

We are great people ,others don’t care . Politicians (with the key’s) and government personal that are breaching our security.

Espionage , interfering with our everyday day lives."buddy System”.a summary judgment against Imperato with out a day in court not one day.

Courts rubber stamp the government complaints , congestion in the court, complacency ,political mafia  destroying our liberties .

You scratch my back I scratch yours the buddy system which is ignore and violating our rights.

The securities exchange settled case ,demand from the senor Judge in accordance with senior magistrate Palermo ,appointed mediator really an appointed master ,demanded that I settle case i would never hear the constitutionality of my case  they just enter summary judgment.

         ( deception and trickery ,fraud upon the court)

The sec. reopened case saying I never gave my financials which is a lie from the pit of hell, (“filed with the court and sent by their own prepaid usps envelope by Tina justice assistant to the purge timothy mc cole.”)(breech of contract)

         “ya right not in the conspirators kangaroo court.”

“The irs attacked , political mafia contributions made threw cooperation’s  in exchange for use of non public information.” ( Shulman /Learner.) my 501 c shut down?(targeting)

         “Flat tax and fair tax Imperato 016”

I am demanding criminal investigation protection from my government under 16 wall, the slaughter house cases.

I am demanding a trial by jury under the due process of supreme laws of the land invoking our rights .

         “ see what the supreme court says”

The appeals court 11th circ, (with a panel inter woven with family and old friends, controls the court PANEL .Denying enbanc rehearing when a constitutional rights violation is clear as day.

Forcing me to supreme court and criminal complaints against the violators of judiciary acts of 1789 and the court rules and procedures.

After case close(set for jury trial) on the dockets in lower court as ( with no objections)the deceitful sec. after six months purged them self in court. Court allowed to conspire ,reopened a closed case by a magistrate with out authority to over rule the court ordered case close.

When you invoke rights to trial by jury under the fifth amendment nothing  else should have been done in the case other then go to trial.

Constitutional law supersedes any other state and federal law and constitutional law takes precedence .


Court noticed clsoing order, 14 days response , the sec. did not responded , Cleary forfeited their rights .

They unlawfully as totalitarian govern agents, conspiring together, reopen a case took away my jury trial and ignored all the evidence put forth in the court.

Terminated all discovery ,hearings ect and vacated and mooted all my motions.

The in a sneak attack because I suit the d an o ins.and i am independent.

         (insurance control of the court “BAILOUTS“.)

Purge and desperados because the government was broke, as stated by sec. lawyer Timothy s Mc Cole “perjury and conspiracy” filing motion that government could not afford 1500. 00 expenses to travel to west palm to face me in court for pretrial conference. He should be and will be disbarred violating his oath and the rules of professional conduct as well as perjury and conspiracy. .

With overwhelming mountains of factual genuine material evidences of dispute in Imperato s favor.

The court and sec. denied any evidentiary hearing in a court room which lawfully disallowed the summary judgments.  Abuse of discretion.

The court orders and judgments are repugnant and void as  a matter of law.

         Well that’s the law but they make their own laws.

I had a wells hearing back in 2008 and are barred from their own enforcement manuals(6 months after wells) to make a claim.

2012 past the statutes using ex-facto laws to do so under dodd -frank and admitted it ,the court was moot and judge complacent.

Our county in in deep trouble(out of order) when the very basic constitutional rights of a citizen are being denied. The oath of office to uphold ,under the judiciary acts of 1789 which is treason, obviously no one casers.

         “The government polices everyone but them self.”

I will fight up to the supreme court ,file a redress of grievance under the writ habeas corpus. “give me a right to be heard by a judge and jury.“

         “denaturalized ,so why pay tax.”

criminal complaints against all violators of their oath. written demand to the senate and congress for congressional hearings of impeachment . Treasonists who are complacent and don’t even know or understand or care to abide by or uphold what we pay them for.

    “ Protecting the peoples rights under the united states constitution.”

I challenge all the political candidates and representatives of our government for the people by the people.

To debate me on this subject ,demanding  and enforcing the supreme laws of the land .I ask the American people and the citizens of this great nation to uphold the politicians responsibilities ,and court representatives to their oaths.

Follow me and support us in the fight for the only very foundational issue to turn our country around.

“ Install constitutional books in every school ,demanding that our students are taught .They took out the bible is brother. The constitution”

Please help me our country is ,write about it, blog it ,spread the news, its for the children. radio tv internet .I am available to speak out and pray.

         Out of Order  campaign   "give me liberty or give me death"

Fr. Dr. Daniel Imperato k.m. s.s.p. gm+ob.

561 805 9494

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