Brian Mehling M.D. Presents Stem Cell Research at the 14th Geriatric Congress in Slovakia

Highly regarded stem cell-researcher and board-certified orthopedic surgeon introduced studies on high-potency stem cell treatments at a medical conference
Brian Mehling, M.D., BHSC team, and Trisc Family
Brian Mehling, M.D., BHSC team, and Trisc Family
NEW YORK - April 24, 2015 - PRLog -- Highly regarded stem cell-researcher, board-certified orthopedic surgeon and chief medical officer of Blue Horizon International, Brian Mehling M.D., attended the 14th Geriatric Congress with international participation in Hotel Patria, Strsbke Pleso, Slovakia on April 15-17, 2015.

Dr. Mehling’s American-based company, Blue Horizon International and its Blue Horizon Stem Cells division, shared preliminary data of its current research protocols. His discussions about the unique possibilities that lay in his research and the therapies were shared with the nearly 300 physician participants during the three day-long medical congress.

Dr. Mehling delivered his presentation “Safety Study of Intravenously Administered Human Cord Blood Stem Cells in the Treatment of Symptoms Related to Chronic Inflammation" on Friday, April 17 2015. The presentation included a news segment featuring two brothers, Damian and Martin Trisc, who both have been diagnosed with Wilson's disease, a rare genetic disorder. They received treatment at Blue Horizon Stem Cells' facility in Wuhan, China in February 2015. After their return to Slovakia, both of them, as well as their family members and friends, noticed dramatic improvement in their conditions.

The Trisc family expressed its gratitude to Dr. Mehling by attending his presentation. The five members of the family drove from their home town of Sabinov to High Tatras to attend Dr. Mehling's session.

Mrs. Triscova, the mother, said: “Damian could hardly speak and it was extremely difficult to communicate with him, his driver’s licence was revoked and he had to put his college studies on hold. After the treatment, he is a new person – he even got his driver’s license back. Martin was not able to eat or shave by himself before, and now all these tasks are possible for him to perform daily. His overall energy levels are up, and he has found a joy in life again. He is hoping to get back to work soon.”

"The response has been overwhelming both in formal meetings, as well as in informal talks,” said the surgeon, "I met with large number of doctors, nurses and businessmen in Slovakia and discussed stem cells. It is very motivating to hear that they are very positive to the stem cell research done by Blue Horizon Stem Cells. There is no doubt that the future of medicine is in continuous stem cell research."

As founder, Dr. Mehling has overseen a newly opened treatment and research facility in Malacky, Slovakia. He has also managed the premiere of a clinic in China where more than 3,000 stem cell treatment procedures on over 700 patients have been successfully performed. By strategically placing the new clinic in Slovakia the most innovative treatments within the stem cell field are now available for the global market.

“Stem cell treatments are without a doubt the future of medicine and we believe their role in treating diseases will become the preferred substitutes for many surgical, pharmacological, and rehabilitative medical services,” Dr. Mehling stated. “It is important that people making decisions on what direction the world will take in regards to research and medical treatments are educated about not only the possibilities in stem cell research, but also about all the treatments that are already available for many patients with different chronic conditions, disorders, and acute diseases.”

Blue Horizon International is a healthcare consulting company with a unique mission that combines treatment, research and philanthropic efforts. Across the globe quality care and services for medical treatments are provided along with resources needed to assist children and adults who are medically underserved. For more information please visit Blue Horizon International at

Blue Horizon Stem Cells is a division of Blue Horizon International that provides stem cell therapy and research to achieve health benefits. Uniquely positioned to take advantage of its clinical research, Blue Horizon Stem Cells has safely and efficiently performed over 2250 procedures, documenting each procedure while tracking the progress of patients throughout their treatment cycle. Blue Horizon International’s stem cell therapy program is associated with The Stem Cell Centre, Hongqiao Brain Hospital and Wuhan University School of Basic Medical Science in Wuhan, China and Malacky Hospital in Slovakia. For more information visit


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