China Plastic Injection Molding for Higher Detailing and More Efficiency

MINHANG, China - April 23, 2015 - PRLog -- As per the recent statistics, the Global Market for Injection Molding Plastics is supposed to reach $277.78 billion by 2020. This clearly depicts the widespread usage of Plastic Injection Molding products all around the world.

With packaging facilitating the increase in the usage of plastics, the exponential growth of packaging industries in Asia is expected to drive the market demand in the forthcoming years with China Plastic Injection Molding industries playing a key role. In addition, the growing demand for lighter weight automobiles has augmented the demand for precise automobile part over metal.

Packaging was the largest application segment for Injection Molding Plastics. It accounted for nearly 35% of the total market demand in the year 2013; as both consumers and industries use Injection Molded Plastic for both flexible and rigid packaging. The improving economic condition of countries like China, India, and others is a key reason for the growth of packaging demands consequently resulting in the growth of Plastic Injection Molding products. North America and Europe are losing their share drastically to Asia-Pacific with China alone accounting for 20% of total production.

China Plastic Injection Molding basically makes use of materials like PC, PS, PE, PVC, PE, PP, ABS, Rubber and Acetyl for manufacturing parts by injecting them into molds designed by the mold maker and design engineer. As per customer’s requirement China Plastic Injection Molding products range from micro-sized equipment to whole body cover of large vehicles.

The beauty of China Plastic Injection Molding is that it provides one-stop-service solutions in the area of plastic molding. It starts right from the design phase which goes onto acquiring the correct raw materials for manufacturing. The next step is to make the mold. After that injection molding is done, this is followed by spraying, painting and welding. Once the products are assembled, they are packaged and delivered.

Apart from packaging, China Plastic Injection Molding productsfind their application in various other fields, for example, Medical Surgery, Automobiles, House-hold Electrical appliances, fast moving consumer goods. Injection Molding could further be sub-divided into four other categories depending upon the quantity of the product ordered.

·         No Mold Fast Prototyping

·         Low Mold Value for Testing

·         High Quality Mold for Export

·         Standard Molding as per regional requirement

China Plastic Injection Molding, incorporate various innovative techniques for developing standard products like,

·         In-Mold Decoration (IMD).

·         Sterilized Workshop.

·         Dual-Color Molding.

·         In-Mold Label (IML).

·         Insert Over Molding.

·         High Smooth and Glassy Molding.

“Mulan-mfg” which is one of the leading Chinese Plastic Injection Molding Company, is known for producing standard Plastic Injection Molding products in China. Along with Plastic Injection Products, “Mulan” offers a one-package service, which includes design, mold making, plastic injection molding, painting, assembly, packaging, and delivery too. “Mulan’s” products are certified by various ISO standards and are even exported to international markets of U.S, Australia, Europe, and Mexico.

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