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By: Shirin Tinati
Shirin Tinati
Shirin Tinati
NEW YORK - April 23, 2015 - PRLog -- Shirin Tinati is one of New York City's hidden treasures.  Over the last 14 years, she has become one of the cities most respected and successful photographers.  Her specialty is shooting actors, dancers, musicians and authors. She began her career in the arts as an actor when she was 18. Throughout her journey, she nurtured her love for directing which then led to her life as a photographer.  She has a great love and respect for actors and genuinely understands where they are and where they are trying to go. She strongly believes that this connection to fellow artists is at the core of her success. With her uplifting energy and her genuine ability to connect with people, Shirin has been able to capture moments of truth that are truly captivating and will last forever.

Shirin was born in Tehran, Iran and came to the United States with her family when she was eight years old.  Due to the Islamic revolution in Iran, her parents were forced to go back in order to support the family.  Wanting nothing but the best for their children Ebrahim and Mehri Tinati decided that the children should stay in The United States so that they could have a better future.

Though it broke his heart to leave her, Shirin's father new that America would be the best place for his energetic, outspoken and talented daughter. He believed Iran, especially under the new regime, would limit her growth as an artist and more importantly as a strong and independent woman.  This is the greatest gift that he gave her, and though their choice ended up leading to their passing, she will always be grateful to them.
Shirin enjoyed a steady stream of work as an actor and director but her most treasured acting achievement occurred the day she became a lifetime member of the legendary Actors Studio.  This was a great opportunity to grow and be in the company of many whose careers she admired growing up.  Though she was lucky enough to get a good amount of paying acting gigs, she still had to have a survival job.  She was able to build quite a clientele as a make-up artist which was not only an art-form she loved, but it gave her the flexibility to audition and perform.  At a photo-shoot (where she was the make-up artist), the photographer put the camera down and stopped shooting with half a roll of film left in the camera. Shirin picked up the camera and finished the roll.  The actress chose all of her head-shots from the 18 frames that Shirin shot.  That was over 14 years ago and she has not stopped shooting since.  When asked how she feels about this transition in her life and career, she said, "I chose to act, I chose the theater...and then...without a came along and chose me.  I am so grateful because through this beautiful concoction of metal and glass, I have experienced patience, compassion, empathy and passion both in myself and my clients in ways that I never would have otherwise. ".

In June 2013, Shirin received devastating news that would change her life even more. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and although she is officially now cancer free, her journey is far from over. Shirin has compiled a book entitled "I Am Warrior". A book to celebrate women battling breast cancer and portray the warriors within. The idea for "I Am Warrior" was born in a surgeon's waiting room, shortly after her diagnosis. The weeks that preceded had been filled with confusion and fear where she felt as though she had lost control of everything. As she sat in the waiting room, her older sister handed her a book from the waiting room coffee table. "Here, let's flip through this," she said. "The pictures might help us feel better." The book showed women who had undergone mastectomies. Though well-intentioned, the pictures did not make her feel better. They horrified her. Shirin's book compiles portraits of cancer patients and survivors in "warrior" poses to show the strength and empowerment that cancer can bring when one puts their mind to it.

For more information on Shirin Tinati and "I Am Warrior", go to

And now Shirin will share her inspirational journey with Sissy on The Sissy Gamache Show this Friday night 7:30pm EST on MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) Channel 56 TWC Manhattan and on our website and streamed LIVE on

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