Real Estate Crowdfunding Comes to Michigan

Pure Capital Funding’s mission is simple; to give everyone the opportunity to invest in high yield real estate investments through crowd funding.
Pure Capital Funding
Pure Capital Funding
BIRMINGHAM, Mich. - April 20, 2015 - PRLog -- Pure Capital Funding is a Michigan based crowdfunding platform that opens up the real estate industry by connecting non- accredited and accredited Michigan investors with Michigan real estate developers.  Pure Capital Funding’s mission is simple; to give everyone the opportunity to invest in high yield real estate investments.

         Founder Matthew Vogel became aware of a missing link in his over 20 years of real estate development and building in both Michigan and South Florida.  “When it came time to fund one of our projects,” Mr. Vogel explains, “the money came from out of town investment funds or institutional banks.  Most of them had little or no connection to the communities where we were building. Unfortunately, our friends and neighbors, the people with a real connection to the projects, could not invest with us.”

         Under the new laws on crowdfunding signed by Governor Snyder,4601,7-154-10573_11472-320144--,00.html Pure Capital Funding allows the opportunity for the non-accredited investor to invest alongside the local billionaires and millionaires in top quality real estate ventures in Detroit and throughout Michigan.

         “Pure Capital Funding makes it possible for anyone to invest and make high yield returns, while also contributing back to the community that the investor has a stake in,” explains Mr. Vogel. “Thus, the lucrative returns these investments generate go back to the local community, instead of out of state (even out of the country) equity funds or institutional investment firms who have no attachment to our community’s success. These institutions only concern is if they get paid, not with the overall effect on the community. Pure Capital Funding provides a platform for rebuilding the communities that were devastated by the real estate crash in 2009 by funding real estate projects that the institutional investors and national banks continue to ignore.”

         In addition to providing high yield returns and putting dollars directly back into the community where investors live in, there are also advantages and benefits for those looking for project funding. Real Estate crowd funding reduces the time and cost of loan underwriting for borrowers, including real estate projects that are overlooked or often rejected by banks and traditional lenders.

         “Over the last five years,” Mr. Vogel explains, “basically, lenders stopped lending for small to medium projects.  This has created a huge demand, both from entrepreneurs who want to get access to capital, and from people who want to invest capital.” There is a huge pent up demand for Condo conversions, lofts, flips and apartments that just cannot get funding in the city of Detroit and around Michigan.

         The key advantages to real estate crowdfunding are the ability to access more deals, invest smaller sums and connect directly with developers to ask questions and research deals.

For more information please contact Matthew Vogel by calling 248.923.1650 or email at Info@purecapitalfunding. Com

Pure Capital Funding
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