Marine & Oceanic Sustainability Foundation, Pangaeon and the SEAS Corporation announce Collaborative Alliance

WILMINGTON, Del. - April 15, 2015 - PRLog -- The Marine & Oceanic Sustainability Foundation (MOSF) is pleased to announce a collaborative alliance with the Sustainable Environment Associates (SEAS) Corporation and it’s subsidiary Pangaeon on an initiative called GUARDIAN. Designed to protect, restore and nurture island communities around the globe, GUARDIAN has brought together an experienced executive team of global sustainability leaders. MOSF Managing Director, Jennifer Pitzer, has joined the GUARDIAN Development Team and will be actively participating in the integration of geotourism and citizen science activities.

“I am honored to join such a distinguished team of professionals. The GUARDIAN team includes sustainability leaders in the areas of energy, culture, finance, engineering, tourism, climate, education and technology,” stated Jennifer Pitzer, MOSF Managing Director. “GUARDIAN is addressing important issues facing island communities including sea level rise, fossil fuel energy dependence, waste management, food security, biosecurity, potable water shortage, the loss of cultural heritage, and critical socio-economic factors.”

“MOSF fills a crucial role on our diverse, international team with its focus on community empowerment and education as it relates to sustainability sciences. These two ingredients are fundamental to the successful development and legacy of GUARDIAN’s mission. In addition, MOSF is a valuable asset in our Public Private Partnership development framework,” said Paul Bierman-Lytle, President and Chairman of Pangaeon/SEAS Corporation.

MOSF and GUARDIAN are specifically collaborating on geotourism, citizen science, and empowerment/capacity building programs that benefit residents, visitors and the environment. In partnership with local communities, universities, governments and NGOs, MOSF is developing tourism-based activities that encompass the cultural heritage of the community and foster a sustainable environment for existing and future generations.

GUARDIAN has developed island-based models for assessing, implementing and optimizing utility and infrastructure systems. These integrated sustainability models establish sustainable ‘life support’ systems, including energy, water, food, waste conversion, ecological sewage treatment, eco-transportation, biosecurity, and natural disaster preparedness and resilience.

MOSF and GUARDIAN share the goal of establishing environmentally and financially sustainable models based on tourism centric businesses that keep revenue on-island. Tourism initiatives focus on ‘adventure tourism’ and include land, ocean, cultural and agri-based (food production) activities.

“I am excited by this collaboration, which works with communities set to position islands at the front line of demonstrating solutions to climate change, and which highlights the economic opportunity for all,” said Maya Doolub, Guardian Director.

This collaborative partnership brings together two passionate organizations with solid backgrounds in sustainability, engineering, business, technology, tourism and marine conservation. Both organizations share an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to investing in green energy, sustainable development principles, and reproducible programs that empower local communities.

About the Marine & Oceanic Sustainability Foundation

Founded in 2013, the Marine & Oceanic Sustainability Foundation (MOSF) is dedicated to the advancement of marine conservation and sustainability projects. MOSF engages in market-driven, tourism centric programs that balance ocean health, human prosperity and emphasize marine stewardship. We establish geotourism and citizen science activities, which sustain or enhance the geographic well being of a destination, emphasize the culture and history of the area, and benefit both visitors and residents. For more information, please visit our website at:

About GUARDIAN (an initiative of Pangaeon/SEAS Corp.)

GUARDIAN is a sustainability solutions integrator focused on two business components that have been missing in sustainable developments:

1. Integration of utilities and infrastructure: to maximize efficiency among systems, reduce CAPEX and OPEX, provide reliable services especially during natural disasters, and expand community infrastructure services. These actions result in a high performance ‘utility and infrastructure ecosystem’.

2. Profitability: develop project components that generate revenue in a shorter time and with high IRR as the top business priority. Prove that sustainability solutions are profitable and good career choices for young people.

To achieve these goals, GUARDIAN has assembled C-level experts from a variety of international firms that are multi-disciplined, systems integrators, innovators, action-oriented and results-driven. GUARDIAN’s unique team provides expertise in all key sustainability components required to build a ‘community ecosystem’ that is built for longevity and capital independence.

Jennifer Pitzer

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