NFL's "Secret" Rehab Technology Coming To New Jersey

Used by more than 600+ NFL Players and 2,000 of the world’s most elite professional athletes as a rehab tool to get them back from injury 70-90% faster than traditional therapy, the ARP Wave System is now coming to Elmwood Park, NJ. Known to many NFL players and agents as the "secret" to rapid injury recovery, the ARP Wave System will now be part of the Neuro Performance Rehab clinic inside Nunziato Total Training center
April 4, 2015 - PRLog -- Have you ever wondered how some pro athletes are able to get back from injury faster than others? More importantly, how these same athletes seem to come back stronger and faster than before the injury and never reinjure that same spot again? Some NFL MVP names of the past may come to mind as well as some other elite NFL players over the recent years.

Well, look behind the curtain and in almost all cases you will find the ARP Wave System as the tool used to rehab these high performance athletes, a tool that is now becoming more mainstream in the high school and collegiate athletic sector and one becoming more readily used by America’s top surgeons as a post operational rehab tool for accelerated recovery.  Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab (, the top ARP Wave therapy clinic in the United States has now decided to expand their operation and are opening 7 new locations throughout the country. Their next clinic location, Neuro Performance Rehab (NPR), will be inside one of the Northeast’s top sports performance facilities, Nunziato Total Training, located in Elmwood Park, NJ.  NYC, Chicago and Boston will soon follow.

“Over the past couple years we have been getting inundated from high school and collegiate athletes from the northeast calling our Dallas facility and asking about our advanced ARP Wave treatment. They have seen what we have done for elite pro athletes in their rapid recovery and of course they wanted those same results. So they either flew into Dallas or we shipped them an ARP and we treated them remotely via SKYPE. Now, they will have a location in which to go to and be treated hands on. We wanted to be in a top notch sports performance facility like Nunziato so we had the best of the best in equipment and trainers when we got to the physical aspect of the ARP therapy," NPR managing partner Mark McClure stated.

If ARP Wave Neuro Therapy is the choice of the world’s elite athletes, why isn’t every facility in America using it?

“Ignorance and old school thinking is what is holding them back. Rest, ice, compression and elevation, or what is referred to as RICE in the sports rehab world does not work for sports injuries, never has and never will. What people need to realize is where you feel pain or are injured is not where it is coming from, ever. Somewhere a muscle or muscles are not absorbing force like they were meant to do and this arises from a neurological disconnect. OK, so what’s that mean? It means that the signal being sent by the brain for that muscle to turn on fast enough to absorb force and create force is not getting through, and this is due to sodium potassium leakage and where there is sodium potassium leakage there is scar tissue and absolutely zero neurological communication. When this occurs, however, that force meant for that muscle is now sent to areas of the body not meant to absorb force, hence causing damage to that region, be it the knee, shoulder, back, hip, etc. Until the muscles meant to absorb this force are treated and are able to act as shock absorbers if you will, all the surgeries and therapy in the world will not fix the problem because that force will STILL be sent to that susceptible region causing inflammation, pain and ultimately a tear. Strength training, rest, corrective exercises are useless until the origin of what is causing the problem is fixed. With the ARP Wave system and proprietary protocols we are able to pinpoint this neurological disconnect, treat it, turn the muscle back on so to speak so it is now absorbing and creating force, transfer the force away from the injured region to the muscle and in the process vastly accelerate healing with blood flow. To the point our players are back in 12 days or less as opposed to weeks at a time with traditional therapy. That’s a stone cold fact,” McClure added.

That’s apparently not just lip service either. Top NFL agent Jeff “Griff” Griffin of the powerhouse agency MS World, LLC, run by uber agent Kennard McGuire and who represent the likes of NFL stars Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson, Vince Wilfork, Teddy Bridgewater and Martellus Bennett to name a few wholeheartedly agrees;

“The minute one of my players gets hurt I waste absolutely no time in calling Mark and getting them on the ARP Wave system. While athletic trainers and therapists would be busy dealing with where the problem ended up, Mark and his team would use the ARP Wave to find the origin of what caused it in the first place, treat it, and have my players back on the field literally 70% faster than antiquated PT. I trust my player’s careers to the ARP Wave system and believe in it so much I have partnered with Neuro Performance Rehab. I know what it can do and how powerfully effective it is and want to see it in every high school and college training room.  The ARP Wave will not only save a player’s season but in some cases their career as well. It’s a game changer for sure,” stated Griffin.

The players and doctors seem to agree with Griffin;

NFL All-Pro Brandon Marshall, NY Jets TE:   “For me the healing is what I believe in. I have used the ARP for everything. From preventive to recovery to treatment to strengthening. Once you feel what this does to your body you believe.”

NFL All Pro Dwight Freeney, SD Chargers:  “I had a grade three ankle sprain 14 days before the Super Bowl and was told I would be out 12-14 weeks.  I got on ARP Wave therapy ASAP and was back in 12 days, ready for the Super Bowl.  The results are unbelievable.”

Renowned Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews has this to say about the ARP Wave technology in a recent Chicago Tribune article written by Dan Diewerder; "I know players are asking for it. To me, if there's something like this out there that appears to help them, it's probably going to continue to take a foothold.”

Is this the “panacea” elite athletes have been seeking for rapid injury recovery? Many of the players, coaches, parents and agents we have spoken to seem to think so but what about the athletic trainers themselves?

Ryan McCrea, Head Athletic Trainer, Lynn University (Boca Raton, FL) “I have been working as a Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer in the College setting for 8 years.  In those 8 years I have never come across a modality which treats injuries with the efficiency and lasting effect of the ARP Wave.  I have been using all the basic modalities (Ultrasound, E-stim, Laser, heat, ice, etc.) and standard therapy treatments (stretching, strengthening, foam rolling, Active-Release, Graston Technique, etc.) for years and have been seeing the same results as most other ATC’s out there.  Since using the ARP Wave, my eyes have been opened to a completely new way of treating injuries.  If you do not get to the root cause of the injury, you will not fix the injury.  The ARP Wave gets to the root cause like no other.

Based in Apple Valley, MN, ARP Wave has treated in excess of 100,000 patients with a better than 95% track record of success in taking them from symptomatic to asymptomatic in far, far less time than traditional therapy with better results.  By the treating the neurological ORIGIN of the physiological symptom for pain and injury, the ARP Wave System is able to rapidly increase the time frame of an athlete’s rehab, thus the name Accelerated Recovery Performance (ARP). More importantly the results are permanent.

“Think about it. With traditional therapy they use rest, ice, compression, strength training, etc, to rehab an injury that at its core is still untreated. Sure the pain and inflammation has gone away, temporarily, but guess what? The problem is still there. The muscle(s) are still not firing properly, still not absorbing force and thus that force is still going to the injured area. Look what happened to NBA MVP Kevin Durant’s injury after his therapy. It came back. Derrick Rose of the Bulls? Injured again and again. Why? Because no one has treated them with the ARP Wave and eliminated the ORIGIN of what is causing their injury and thus they will never, ever be truly healed. With the ARP Wave therapy once we treat you, the symptom is gone. Permanently. And we get you back at a far, far faster rate than any other therapy out there. You want to rehab like the world’s most elite professional athletes? Call us.” McClure ended.

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