Collard Greens: Best Kept Weight Loss Secret

LIVEADE® Moringa Blend uses only whole food ingredients that are widely recognized as a means to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension & high cholesterol.
Collard Green Smoothies: Best Kept Weight Loss Secret
Collard Green Smoothies: Best Kept Weight Loss Secret
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - April 4, 2015 - PRLog -- Collard Greens: Best Kept Weight Loss Secret

— LIVEADE® has announced the launch of 7-n-1 Collard Green Smoothies, which offer an exceptional quality of its Moringa Blend—the company’s well-established specialty. The new product offers a boon to those people facing various health problems, including weight & digestive issues, depression, glycemic traumas and high cholesterol levels. The revolutionary 7-in-1 Collard Green Smoothies also provide an ideal solution to help women looking for better health—and weight loss.

7 in 1 Collard Green Smoothies takes aim at seven of the most challenging issues that many individuals face weight, metabolism, digestion, detoxifying, energy maintenance, proper nutrition, and proper glycemic levels. That embodies its moniker as “7-in-1” Collard Green Smoothies.

Loaded with fiber, minerals, omegas, plant proteins, vitamins (including D), amino acids, enzymes and nearly four dozen antioxidants, LIVEADE®’s 7-in-1 Collard Green Smoothie is an ultra-rich super food. They are low in calories and contain ample amounts of water and plant-based fiber—allowing individuals to feel as if they ate a full meal without the bloat. Obviously, this is a major aid in helping to fight hunger and cravings for those attempting to lose weight.

And there’s more: As a veggie dessert, Collard Green Smoothies are a mild, easy & satisfying way to lose weight and get healthy. They also provide an exceptional source of electrolytes, phytonutrients, and glutathione. As if weight loss isn’t enough, collard greens are also a natural colon, liver and detox cleanse. Indeed, adding a single scoop of LIVEADE®’s Moringa Blend helps individuals feel full longer, and maintains a high metabolism.

With only 250 calories, each 32 ounce 7-in-1 Collard Green Smoothie will put both men and women on the path to permanent weight loss and better health.

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LIVEADE® was founded in 2010 as a social purpose business with a motive to spread awareness about health and food. It is now an established and renowned destination to help individuals lose, maintain and gain numerous health benefits via its proprietary products.

Founder Betty Mitchell (FDM) has been helping families in developing communities to grow nutritious foods, attain clean water, build schools and realize self-independence from farming while helping spread the word about the benefits of the moringa plant in the U.S.

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