New “Smart Flight Data Recorder”: Video, Early Warning Alerts to ATC, and FDR Content Access While in Flight

Smart FDR™ automatically sends a Distress call/alerts to Air Traffic Control when an avionics anomaly or power interruption is detected by the Smart Flight Data Recorder™ unit; it then allows “Over-The-Air” access to a copy of the FDR’s content, activates Aircraft-wide audio/video and continuously tracks the aircraft through all phases of flight by Search and Rescue satellite…
By: InFlight Labs, LLC
NEW YORK - April 1, 2015 - PRLog -- InFlight Labs, LLC, Air Traffic Control Global “Safety Leadership of the Year” finalist announced today it is in development of a Smart Flight Data Recorder (Smart FDR), which is a tamper-proof FDR or FDR add-on that leverages “Data-Sensing Technology” to “police or monitor” many key avionics for device anomalies during all phases of flight, providing a real-time “Air-to-Ground” Avionics Monitoring System with Air Traffic Control for continuous global aircraft tracking.

InFlight Labs’ new ground breaking systems will consist of Smart ACARS™, Smart ADS-B™, Smart FDR™, Smart ELT and Smart Transponder.

The self-powered Smart FDR™ with “Data-Sensing Technology” will monitor the functionality and power management of the existing aircraft avionics. This means that if a device’s operating parameters are breached or power is interrupted and Smart FDR™ will immediately “squawk” the internationally recognized 7700 aircraft emergency message to Air Traffic Control over a secure aircraft communication system.

In addition, Smart FDR™ will concurrently activate the aircraft emergency location transmitter (ELT) and/or Smart ELT™, which sends a GPS-based 406 MHz emergency alert to the global search and rescue satellite constellation (COSPAS-SAT). The autonomous activation of the ELT will enable GPS and ground stations to continually track the aircraft’s location. The Smart FDR™ will send a detailed burst message to aviation and government authorities, apprising them of the situation within moments of an incident.

Additionally, Smart FDR™ opens up real-time secure “Over-The-Air” access to a copy of the FDR’s content for authorities to analyze and record at their ground station. Lastly, Smart FDR™ can optionally have secure Aircraft-Wide “Air-to-Ground” audio/video communications established to put eyes on the situation.

“We feel our Smart Avionics are missing assets for modern-day air travel safety,” says company spokesman Joseph Bekanich.

“Whenever there is an inflight crisis, instrumentation failure, or avionics anomalies anywhere in the aircraft, more than the pilot or co-pilot needs to be apprised of the situation. We feel that the ATC, FAA, flight monitoring services (Aireon, ARINC, Iridium, Inmarsat and SITA), and select government stakeholders need to be informed automatically through an air-to-ground avionics monitoring system, which concurrently activates an onboard emergency location transmitter (ELT/Smart ELT™) to continuously track the aircraft in real-time while it is in flight,” says Bekanich.

“InFlight Labs, LLC “Tamper-proof” Smart Avionics will fill the void of real-time aircraft early warning systems for global aircraft tracking, addressing avionics anomalies, power interruptions, and device tampering concerns,” states Bekanich.

About InFlight Labs, LLC

InFlight Labs, LLC, with corporate offices in New York City, developed the first aircraft-wide in-flight 911/emergency service for commercial aircrafts in 2011. In 2012/2013, InFlight Labs expanded its product mix by developing SkyBridge™ in-flight video communications for aircraft-wide air-to-ground audio/video communications for in-flight security and in-flight emergencies situations. InFlight Labs, LLC, was an Excellence Awards finalist for the 2013 Safety Leadership of the Year Award by ATC Global and Air Traffic magazine.

Nathan Jones

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