Capturing the entire conversation lifecycle and measuring sentiment for the Beyond the School Run community

Beyondtheschoolrun partners with QuickVox as one of the first official partners to launch a real-time discussion forum for parents and businesses to engage with each other around the globe.
By: QuickVox Ltd & Beyondtheschoolrun
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LONDON - March 24, 2015 - PRLog --, an influential networking organization providing opportunities, ideas and inspiration for professional parents and businesses, is partnering with QuickVox®, to introduce an innovative discussion forum on the Beyondtheschoolrun website.

The QuickVox-powered forum adds a valuable new dimension to this popular website, providing a number of attractive features and functions which enhance user experience and facilitate engagement within the community and the wider world.  These include the ability to communicate in a structured way across multiple Internet channels including Facebook and Twitter in real time, as well as to gauge sentiment and opinion on the topics being discussed in a visually dynamic way, by use of the unique QuickVox Sentometer™.  Inspired by the temperature charts in weather forecasts, the Sentometer™ enables users to ‘feel’ the heat of a particular issue.

Every user gets to comment as many times as they wish on any particular discussion but only their last rating counts on the Sentometer.  This means conversations and debates can evolve and opinions change; a critical consideration often overlooked during debate online.  Any topic which becomes a burning issue and thus, a more polarised debate, burns gold on the Sentometer™ to reflect hot topics.

Beyondtheschoolrun users are able to initiate and join conversations and debates both privately in a closed QuickVox between themselves, as well as publicly.  They can sign on via or a preferred social media profile and can benefit from the advantage of real-time demographic analysis of those participating in any discussion.  Any demographic data provided is pooled so as to protect the privacy of individual users.

Louise Webster launched Beyondtheschoolrun in March 2012 as a place to help parents to utilize their skills and talents in the hours available to them and businesses to connect with this pool of talent.   The journey has already taken Louise to Downing Street and The Cabinet Office. She is passionate about the positive impact that supporting parents beyond the school run will have on families, society and the wider economy.

Louise Webster comments: " has evolved over the past few years into the go-to place for parents looking to unlock or rediscover their talents and skills in the hours available to them.  Creating a forum is the natural next step for us, a place for parents to engage on a level beyond the school run, sharing deeper thoughts, issues and passions.  I believe this collective voice will be very powerful for our individual growth but the growth of society, the economy and world change."

QuickVox has customized its proprietary embed to integrate seamlessly with the Beyondtheschoolrun website and social pages.   It is designed to enable interest groups to engage more readily around topics and encourage a more structured, informed and meaningful conversation.  While the conversation can be shared across any website or social page, it is threaded through the one central platform – the Beyond The School Run website – to capture the entire conversation lifecycle. This makes it far easier for members to follow and engage in a discussion as well as to track overall member sentiment on any topic.

Beyondtheschoolrunmembers can post a statement of opinion or pose a question, around a topic of interest.  Other members are then able to rate and comment on this, thereby generating broader and deeper debate within the community and providing the opportunity for feedback on the collective discussion to the wider world.  If used publicly, opinions can also be shared across other social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, etc), as well as blogs, mobiles and websites to create viral spread and attract new participants and members.

Users can embed multimedia such as editorial links, video and audio clips and jpeg images into their posts, to further stimulate discussion, underscore their argument or champion their cause.

“We are delighted to be working with Beyondtheschoolrun as a partner since it is an organization that is helping people connect in a powerful and meaningful way.  This is where QuickVox comes into its own by allowing communities to measure sentiment and have deeper and more meaningful discussions that still connect with social media.  Beyondtheschoolrun’s vision really embraces the values of the new economy where our individual and collective opinions are gaining currency and can be powerful agents for positive change,” says Johnny Hudson, Managing Director – Quickvox.

“It is in our DNA to seek the engagement and opinion of others.  Yet, despite the plethora of social media channels available, people still have real difficulty engaging in a meaningful discussion with wider groups due to the fragmentation of media and the shorthand nature of social communication. We believe our solution addresses this while still supporting what these channels do best.”



About Beyondtheschoolrun (

Launched in March 2012,, is the place for all parents wishing to use their skills in the hours available to them and businesses wanting to connect with this valuable talent.

The enterprise has a strong community of parents, has gained support from Government, media and businesses including two invitation to No.10 Downing Street.  Founder, Louise Webster, is regularly invited to comment on issues related to parents and the workplace and in November 2014 won ‘Britain’s Top Real Role Model.’

The newly developed version of the website launched in 2014 to support its vision to create the go-to-place for all parents and businesses wishing to step forward into the new world of smarter working , gender equality and collective use of skills and talents to the benefit of society and the world.

About QuickVox (
Launched in December 2014, QuickVox aims to provide business users of all sizes with a new, powerful and cost-effective platform and toolset, to engage more effectively with their audiences: communities, customers, members or other special interest groups.

The benefits of the platform can be made available either by way of the innovative QuickVox® embed, which can add value and be fully customised to any website, or by the adoption and use of the full platform (  Both options are available on a bespoke basis for either public or private use.

QuickVox helps create stickiness on partner websites, threading activity to build traffic and retain audiences and prospective customers, thereby bringing significant time and cost-saving benefits.

An additional advantage of the QuickVox embed and platform for business and institutional users is the facility it offers to obtain valuable demographic profiling information and usage statistics, collated and analysed to meet their specific requirements.


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