Gender Equality For Diaper Changing Dads Snuggwugg® Thinks It's Time For A Change

Parents' groups and a California lawmaker are pushing for a statewide proposed legislation to ensure baby changing stations are available to both men and women bathrooms. Meanwhile a famed celebrity dad realized there were no diaper changing tables in the men's bathrooms so he protested. Snuggwugg believes it's time for a change. One of our missions as a company is to make diaper changing easier and as Steve Harvey recently stated, we are "Sweeping the nation" with our product.
March 11, 2015 - PRLog -- Diaper Changing is already a tough job. So why are some making it even tougher? This is the question many dads across the country have been asking themselves recently as they bring their babies into the men's restrooms to change a diaper only to find there are no diaper changing tables available for them. Snuggwugg CEO Lisa Cash Hanson believes it's time for change. And time for gender equality when it comes to diaper changing.

Lisa Cash Hanson, the inventor for Snuggwugg has shared tips for diaper changing for moms and dads. Snuggwugg, an innovator in the juvenile industry in diaper changing trends, is a multi-award winning interactive baby pillow that was recently featured on National Talk Show Steve Harvey. "When Snuggwugg baby pillow was invented it was out of the necessity to make diaper changing easier for both moms and dads." - Lisa Cash Hanson, Snuggwugg CEO. Snuggwugg is also perfect for for tummy time and travel and shopping carts.

Snuggwugg is especially needed when parents lay their babies down onto restroom diaper changing tables because they are not the most comfortable stations in the world. Many times little feet are kicking and legs are squirming making diaper changing almost impossible for both moms and dads. That is why Snuggwugg was created.To make diaper changing easier. Parents can use Snuggwugg interactive pillow to occupy babies when they are changing a diaper by using educational flash cards, toys or even baby's & toddlers favorite apps or phones.

So when diaper changing tables make their debut appearance in men's bathrooms across the country, Snuggwugg® will be ready for them. "We already make diaper changing easier for dads. We can't wait to witness gender equality diaper changing parties. After all diaper changing really shouldn't have a gender. Should it?" - Lisa Cash Hanson, Snuggwugg CEO.

Lisa Cash Hanson

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