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At Las Vegas Compound Pharmacy, Solutions Specialty, the pharmacists specialize in providing conventional as well as alternative pain management.
By: Las Vegas Compound Pharmacy
Las Vegas Compound Pharmacy
Las Vegas Compound Pharmacy
LAS VEGAS - March 7, 2015 - PRLog -- Las Vegas Compound Pharmacy - At one time or another, each of us has experienced pain. Acute pain is less of a problem as physicians are more willing to prescribe short term pain medications including narcotics to their patients. When a person has chronic pain, practitioners including pharmacists are more apprehensive because of the long term treatment and the liability that goes with it. Poly-pharmacy (use of more than one drug at a time) is also taken into consideration and in some cases, these pain patients may be labeled as “addicts”.

At Solutions Specialty, the pharmacists specialize in providing conventional as well as alternative pain management. We take into consideration the whole person, lifestyle, family situation, and emotional problems. We do not just treat the symptoms; we also try and heal/cure the underlying problem. We offer non-conventional forms such as topical cream and gels, palatable liquids, injections, long-acting forms and combinations of pain medications for ease of administration.

Statistics have shown that 1 in 3 American adults lose more 20 hours of sleep each month due to pain (National Sleep Foundation), lost workdays is upwards of 50 million annually (pain and absenteeism in the workplace, study conducted for Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, 1997) and only an estimated 1 in 4 patients receive proper pain treatment (Chronic Pain in America, Survey conducted for American Pain Society, American Academy of Pain Medicine, and Janssen Pharmaceutica, 1999). Here at Solutions Specialty, we promise personalized service and in the process provide the best pain management possible for all our patients.
We also offer hospice management, be it pain, nausea, shortness of breath or other discomfort. We believe in death with dignity and we compound unique dosage forms such as suppositories, flavored liquids, unit-dose topicals and inhalations. We also customize the dosages since hospice patients do not usually follow “normal or recommended” dosages. For our hospice patients, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The pharmacists at Solutions Specialty Pharmacy are trained in the art and science of compounding and have undergone extensive training at Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA). Being a PCCA member, the pharmacy has access to over 20 consultant pharmacists and chemists and is part of a network of over 3,500 pharmacists and pharmacies in the United States. The pharmacists are up-to-date with the new national compounding guidelines (USP 795/797) and state regulations. A quality assurance program is implemented so that all compounded prescriptions can be traced back to the formula log sheet and the ingredient sources. At Solutions Specialty Pharmacy, all ingredients are purchased from reputable and FDA-approved wholesalers so patients are assured that their prescriptions are made from the highest quality ingredients available. The Patient-Physician-Pharmacist triad is the basis of pharmacy practice at Solutions Specialty and we believe that it is the only way to achieve the goal of wellness.
Here are some dosage forms that are compounded:

Oral Capsules
Sublingual Tablets

Topical Gel
Lotion Spray

Sterile Injections
Ophthalmic preparations
Otic preparations
Solution for Inhalation
Irrigation Solution
Nasal Spray

Miscellaneous Vaginal and Rectal Suppositories

Solutions Specialty Pharmacy also offers consultation (by appointment only) on Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and Pain Management.


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