Amy Vaughan announces release of Positively Sensory!

New guide for parents, professionals and teachers integrates Learning Strengths Profile assessment tool
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Positively Sensory! book cover
Positively Sensory! book cover
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Feb. 23, 2015 - PRLog -- Amy Vaughan has released her first book, Positively Sensory! A Guide to Help Your Child Develop Positive Approaches to Learning and Cope with Sensory Processing Difficulty, currently available online at and other booksellers.

Written as a resource for parents, teacher and professionals, the book walks the reader through the reasons a child chooses specific behaviors and helps problem solve through methods of engaging that child toward more positive behaviors.  What connects with your child? What motivates them?  What makes them do what they do?  How can you redirect a child’s negative behavior to something more appropriate?  Positively Sensory! explains that the solution is more than just positive and negative reinforcement and is about truly connecting with what drives your child at a deeper level.

Amy Vaughan is recognized for her accomplishments as a pediatric occupational therapist.  She has developed a professional reputation for her skill in finding positive approaches to learning for gifted, typical and special education students and in assessing and treating autism spectrum disorders and sensory processing issues.

Positively Sensory! was written as an effort to support professionals and parents in their quest to meet children right where they are and walk forward into a better tomorrow,” says the author. “It is designed to provide a framework for setting up positive behavior and learning situations that will build into skills and relationships.  Whether a child is dealing with anxiety, difficulty in learning, problem behavior or sensory processing difficulty, this book is designed to be a resource to help set parents and child up for success."

Children operate on at least two levels, engaging the world around them by taking in sensory information and then engaging the world through behavioral activity.  The challenge for the parent, teacher or professional arises when the sensory information a child takes in is not accurate, which then leads to an output of behavioral activity that is less desirable.

The job of the parent, teacher or professional of a child who is struggling with internal stressors such as sensory processing or attention issues or external stressors such as fight, flight, or fright behaviors in response to specific situations is to connect with the child through their core strengths and interests, reaching the true motivators and then bringing those to the forefront to engage the child in positive behaviors.

Positively Sensory! gives the reader a strategy for making  those connections while also evaluating the child’s strength areas through its proprietary Learning Strengths Profile evaluation tool.  Once the child’s strengths are defined, Positively Sensory! gives practical exercises and tools for building on a child’s strengths to increase success, enrichment, and quality of life

Amy Vaughan is an occupational therapist practicing in Missouri.  She has worked in multiple therapy settings including hospitals, schools, clinics and private practice.  She is board certified in pediatrics and has spent her career studying and working with children in order to set them up for healthier, happier development and learning.  She currently leads the pediatric occupational therapy team at The Autism Center of Burrell Behavioral Health in Springfield, Missouri.  She also writes and speaks extensively while raising her own four children alongside her husband, John.  In recent years, she has been awarded both the 40 Under 40 Award as well as being one of the 20 Most Influential Women in Southwest Missouri by The Springfield Business Journal, located in Springfield, Missouri.

Positively Sensory! A Guide to Help Your Child Develop Positive Approaches to Learning and Cope with Sensory Processing Difficulty is a 256-page book published by Scribble Media, LLC.  With a list price of $26.99, this 8-1/2 by 11 inch book is accessible to both professionals and parents who want to build happy, healthy relationships with children through a combination of behavioral strategies and sensory processing exercises.  The book’s technical content is wrapped around an assessment tool, the Learning Strengths Profile, designed to capture a child’s learning strengths for the purpose of understanding how that child engages best in learning and relating to the world around him.

To request a review copy of Positively Sensory! A Guide to Help Your Child Develop Positive Approaches to Learning and Cope with Sensory Processing Difficulty, or to interview Amy Vaughan, please contact:

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