EnviroFry Launches www.UpkeepMasters.com for Enviro Sales, Services, Rentals, & Training in USA & Worldwide

Mold expert Phillip Fry announces the launch of the website www.upkeepmasters.com to facilitate worldwide sales, services, equipment rentals, and training for the upkeep, repair, and construction of residences, workplaces, and commercial buildings.
By: Upkeep Masters, LLC
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High Output Ozone Generator Kills Toxic Mold
High Output Ozone Generator Kills Toxic Mold
LANSING, Mich. - Feb. 22, 2015 - PRLog -- “Environmental sales, services, rentals, and training for the year-round upkeep, repair, and construction of buildings, furnishings, and vehicles in the USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, and world-wide are the focus of the new website, launched by EnviroFry on Feb 22, 2015,” announced Phillip Fry, vice-president of EnviroFry’s Upkeep Masters, LLC, a global environmental company headquartered in Montrose, Michigan.

“The low-cost rental of high output ozone generators and fogging machines nationwide in the USA is a unique and innovative service that will enable mold victims and owners and managers of moldy homes and commercial buildings to lower the cost of safe and effective mold removal and remediation,” noted Fry, who is a Certified Environmental Hygienist and Professional Industrial Hygienist.

In addition to mold remediation, Upkeep Masters, LLC, sells the most-effective, E.P.A.-registered fungicides to kill and prevent the re-growth of toxic mold.

Low-rent mold remediation gear and effective fungicides need to be used by properly-trained property owners, managers, and tenants.  Thus, Upkeep Masters, LLC, in partnership with the Environmental Hygienists Association provides worldwide online and in-person training and certification as a Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediator, Certified Environmental Hygienist, Professional Industrial Hygienist, and Certified Ozone Professional.

For more information about online and classroom mold and hygienist training in the USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, and elsewhere, visit www.ecology-college.com.

The company invites mold victims and persons facing or handling building toxic mold growth problems to master the top ten steps for safe and effective mold removal and mould remediation posted at www.upkeepmasters.com.

To rent mold remediation equipment, buy EPA-registered fungicides, and get help for mold inspection, testing, remediation, removal, and prevention anywhere in the world, email Phillip Fry phil@moldinspector.com, or phone toll-free 1-866-300-1616 or Mr. Fry’s cell phone 1-480-310-7970.  The company’s office phone is 1-810-639-0523 (for calls from outside of the USA and Canada), and visit EnviroFry’s credentials and client testimonial website www.moldexpertconsultants.com.



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