Texas-Based Company Launches Stylish Website for Men's Facial Hair Products

TrueBeardsman.com offers all-natural balms, oils and gear for the bearded lifestyle.
By: TrueBeardsman.com
TrueBeardsman.com offers top-quality products for the bearded gentleman.
TrueBeardsman.com offers top-quality products for the bearded gentleman.
THE WOODLANDS, Texas - Feb. 13, 2015 - PRLog -- Some trends come and go, but if the last two-thousand years are any indicator, facial hair is a statement of manliness that's here to stay. Though beards have never been passe, they've seen a resurgence in popularity over the past several years. Every iteration, from the immaculately-groomed gentleman's beard to the grizzly mountain man version, can be found from coast to coast (and beyond, naturally.)

Yes, certain fashion and grooming trends are transient, and the same can be said of many businesses. That's not the case with TrueBeardsman.com, a new ecommerce website that roars with solidarity from the first moment it loads in your browser. A slick design that combines machismo with refined lines fills the screen; the interface is easy to browse and high-quality pictures showcase the company's product offerings with brilliant clarity.

And what exactly is this start-up - situated in the Woodlands of Texas - offering on their website? Everything that the discerning man needs to cultivate and maintain a perfect beard and then some. A full lineup of balms, oils, and grooming gear is available, with each item bearing the distinctive TrueBeardsman logo. All of the products are designed and formulated in-house, meaning that TrueBeardsman is able to maintain the highest standards of quality in everything they offer (that includes the exclusive use of all-natural ingredients in their balms and oils.)

TrueBeardsman.com isn't just about the products, though their retail offerings do make for a spectacular showing. The website – in fact, the company as a whole – is focused on providing grooming strategies and spirited advice for anyone looking to live the bearded lifestyle. “We are about providing men with the tools and strategies they need to grow their beards,” says company founder Dennis Wallace. “Our products are designed for bearded men who are passionate about life and have high expectations. We are more than just beard care products, we hope to help curate [our customers'] style on their journey as a TrueBeardsman.”

If you're looking to embark on a bearded journey, or if you're shopping for a gift for the beard aficionado in your life, we highly-recommend checking out TrueBeardsman.com. It's unlikely like that you'll find a greater selection of top-notch products anywhere else.

Visit the site: www.truebeardsman.com

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