Don’t Leave Your ICT to Chance - Karsof Systems of Houston, TX and California Can Help!

ICT Protection and Business Continuity | Karsof Systems of Houston, TX Business Continuity. Protect your ICT from disaster and human error. Karsof Systems™ Business Continuity System can provide full protection for your ICT.
HOUSTON - Feb. 13, 2015 - PRLog -- Don’t Leave Your ICT to Chance - Karsof Systems Can Help!

Your information and communications technology, or ICT, is the core of business continuity, without it almost nothing would function properly. Karsof Systems™ Business Continuity System delivers ICT protection services to businesses and manages the risks that could harm the heart of your business, your ICT.

Don’t Rely on One Person to Manage the Safety of your ICT

In time past, it was the facility manager’s sole responsibility to ensure that the physical environment where the IT infrastructure was located was protected. Ensuring the safety of the ICT, the heart and soul of your business, to one person is a rookie mistake. Karsof Systems™ Business Continuity System protects your ICT from all angles, automatically with no human intervention.

In 99 out of 100 cases, the loss of ICT function is disastrous. Karsof Systems™ Business Continuity System makes sure this is never the case.

Of course facilities managers still need to be involved in your risk management plan and have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan; which is a large part of your business continuity plan. Your business continuity plan is a sort of insurance policy for your technology infrastructure and data, which represents the core of your business. This is why you need to include the added protection of Karsof Systems™ Business Continuity System to your risk management plan, disaster recovery plan and overall business recovery plan.

Hoping for The Best is Not a Smart Business Continuity Strategy

Hoping that it won’t happen to you is not a strategy for disaster recovery and business continuity. You have to have
a plan with the ICT operations team that is ready to be activated in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If you are not sure how your IT infrastructure would survive a flooded data centre, a fire or malicious damage, or the many other risks to your data and infrastructure, then you don’t have an effective disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Instead of hoping that nothing will happen and nothing will negatively impact your business, you need to ensure it. Safeguarding your ICT should no longer be the sole responsibility of the facilities manager, however good an employee he or she is, because there’s always the “human error factor”. A combination of a good facilities manager and Karsof Systems™ Business Continuity System is the smartest way to secure your ICT.

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