Global Health and Wellness Initiative's New Website Uses Rich Media to Inform and Educate

"Our Kitchen, Our World" seeks to address global wellness and ecology concerns one household at a time.
By: Our Kitchen, Our World
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The Our Kitchen, Our World Website
The Our Kitchen, Our World Website
MELBOURNE, Australia - Jan. 31, 2015 - PRLog -- Big challenges often require creative solutions, and when facing issues that affect humanity on a global scale, small changes can cause long-lasting, positive results.

Take a look at Our Kitchen, Our World, an Australian educational initiative, as a prime example of this methodology. Earthy and ambitious, OKOW has already created a following through their sharing of healthful facts, recipes, and wellness tips. Their goal is to reduce the average household's impact on the environment (by cutting back on waste, for example) while at the same time cutting back on illness and obesity through healthy eating. Their approach is very personalized and down-to-earth; by showing individuals how they can each make a difference, they hope to create a compounding effect that can improve the world health situation as a whole.

Our Kitchen, Our World is using a small brush, but they're looking to paint with broad strokes by reaching out to companies and organizations who can benefit from their educational services. They're offering a series of low-cost, seasonal packages to these organizations; once enrolled, a company can sign up each of their members or employees for the OKOW program and track their participation. The benefits of such a partnership are compelling and manifold. Participation doesn't just demonstrate a company's environmental awareness and social consciousness, it also can result in greater levels of wellness among their staff (which means more productivity and fewer sick days.)

Enrolled members of the OKOW program will gain access to a variety of tools on their website. This includes recipes, videos, images and downloadable reference materials - a creative panoply of both knowledge and execution.

Individual households are also invited to register at the Our Kitchen, Our World website, where they can make use of the resources to improve their health and help to reshape the world at large.

The Our Kitchen, Our World Website ( will launch on February 2nd, 2015.

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About Our Kitchen, Our World

Our Kitchen, Our World was founded by three people from three different backgrounds - Jess, Michael & Rodney - who share a passion for health and wellness. This initiative is their collective, creative response to the present state of "our kitchens, our communities, and our world."


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