10KMonthly.club Reveals The Three Things Super Affiliates And Internet Marketing Gurus Dont Want You To Know

Every affiliate marketer dreams of reaching the goal of earning ten thousand dollars monthly online or more. The 10K Monthly Club has recently released a short e-book and free video guide revealing the secrets of top internet marketing gurus to help marketers locate the highest paying affiliate programs to make this possible.
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NEW YORK - Feb. 5, 2015 - PRLog -- Amish Shah, Frank Kern, Jeremy Schoemaker (ShoeMoney), Mike Koenigs, Neil Patel, Eben Pagan, Andy Jenkins, Mike Filsaime - the proverbial "Who's Who" list of the top "gurus" in the internet marketing space today. All the individuals in this group have one thing in common, they have been able to successfully earn a living online and make a fortune using the power of the web to generate substantial commissions with high ticket products and services.

Even upcoming "internet marketing gurus" and super affiliates such as Mario Brown, Brian Anderson, Mark Thompson, Kevin Davis and John Lee Dumas make money online with such a disparity to the remainder of the affiliate marketing "pack" that it seems there is something mystical or magical about what they are doing.

According to recent statistics by Affstat.com only 7.3% of all affiliate marketers earn more than $100,000 per year for their marketing efforts. This has widely been attributed to a preference to grab the "low hanging fruit" of small ticket products for even smaller commissions in over saturated, super-competitive niches.

The 10K Monthly Club has recently opened access to the highest paying affiliate offers in 2015 that enable online marketers to realistically reach the "$10,000 per month" income level that all affiliate marketers aim for. Their video guide can be seen as follows:


A spokesman from 10KMonthly.club released a statement, "The top affiliate marketers are now focusing primarily on high ticket products and services with payouts up to $1000 per sale or more with a monthly residual. These include both companies they have partnered with and even their own original products. They follow the premise that an affiliate marketer spends the same amount of time and effort promoting an offer that pays $1500 per sale as one that pays $15. Ironically, high ticket affiliate products and services are those with the least affiliate competition because the average marketer goes after the low paying, highly competitive niche offers since they are easier to locate."

10KMonthly.club gives the following three criteria for being able to realistically generate $10,000 per month or more:

1. The affiliate offer must have the potential to pay out $1000 or more per sale.
2. The product or service must have potential for a repeat sale for recurring commissions or pay out a monthly residual.
3. Two tier and three tier commission structure that enables affiliates to build their own sales team.

There are actually very few programs on the web that fit within these three criteria, which makes locating them very difficult. A spokesman from 10Monthly.club addressed this by saying, "The most successful marketers use these criteria to determine where they will focus their energies and marketing efforts. These offers are usually either in technology or finance - an area that the average affiliate marketer doesn't think to look."

10KMonthly.club lists the following niches as over saturated with the highest rate of spam and lowest rate of success for a new marketer:

1. Nutrition & Health/Weight-Loss
2. Internet Marketing
3. Information Products (delivered via PDF)

Their spokesman closed with the statement, "We are seeing that the frustration in promoting low paying offers tempts many marketers to resort to spamming instead of setting up legitimate websites and businesses based around the product. The internet has become a cesspool for spammy links and splogs (spam blogs) in affiliate marketing. We are here to change that in 2015 by opening access to the highest quality, highest paying affiliate programs. Don't be an ordinary affiliate marketer, be an extraordinary affiliate marketer!"

The 10K Monthly Club has published an short e-book/PDF document that describes these programs in detail at http://slidesha.re/1tH7Mky and are now offering short video presentations of these programs on their YouTube Channel.

The affiliate programs that fit these criteria can be found at http://www.10KMonthly.club.


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