The Great Uses of Inflatable Packaging

As it is rightly said that “Discovery comes out of necessity” – we humans have made immense progress in all spheres of life. Each after the other, as the needs aroused, they got up with their solutions.
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Inflatable Packaging
Inflatable Packaging
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PASCAGOULA, Miss. - Jan. 29, 2015 - PRLog -- As it is rightly said that “Discovery comes out of necessity” – we humans have made immense progress in all spheres of life. Each after the other, as the needs aroused, they got up with their solutions. Packaging materials for goods was one of them. In the beginning they used reed basket, wooden containers, ceramic vessels, etc. but with modernization, they have discovered other more durable methods of goods packaging and transportation. Some of them include tin cans, cardboard containers, plywood containers, metal containers, inflatable packaging, etc.

Although various packaging materials have different uses and applications, Inflatable Packaging is the most common among them. During its early use, inflatable packaging used to have single valve air cushions but in case that valve got punctured, whole packaging used to deflate – then one-way air valve films were discovered. In these films, even if one tube got punctured, others continue to hold air. With this invention, there was revolution in the field of air cushioning. Inflatable packaging became a common packaging material for most goods.

To supplement the boom was the onset of industrialization and globalization. Now with companies heading global, transportation of goods from one corner of world to another became common. Companies adopted inflatable packaging as protective shield, which would protect their goods during the journey.

Although inflatable packaging is being used in several sectors, it is extensively used for packaging of fragile goods and in food-packaging industries. With such huge demand of plethora of companies dealing in inflatable packaging goods, some offer pre-filled ready to use material while some offer deflated material that could be inflated using air compressors. One could also find lengthy sheets of deflated material in the market and could use them as per their convenience.

Finding a good supplier of the packaging material is hectic in such competitive market.  Hence, one needs to do a good research of prospective suppliers of quality inflatable packaging material. One such supplier is Packaging Supplies, from which one could get his required product.

But as they say ‘Time never stops for anyone’. Similarly, our scientists always keep in search of something innovative, more robust, and better. Recently, our scientists have discovered ‘Graphene’ which might be a replacement for inflatable packaging system in the near future. Graphene is a one atom thick sheet of carbon, which is known for its strength (100 times stronger than steel) and low weight. Also, it is great conductor of heat and electricity. Think if they are able to develop inflatable packing material with grapheme – it will definitely revolutionize the tech world.

We could very well say that more discoveries are ought to happen in the future that will revolutionize our existence as inflatable packaging has revolutionized the industries. Although each discovery is done to ease human life, but they rather make it more complex as the expectation with each discovery rises. Whatever might be the future, humans definitely have made ample number of discoveries and some of them have become so common in our daily life that until something better arrives, we can’t get rid of them.
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