Less Than 1/3 of Employees Are Actively Engaged In Their Jobs

Research conducted by Avatar Solutions finds 1/3 of employees are actively engaged in their jobs.
CHICAGO - Jan. 27, 2015 - PRLog -- Avatar Solutions, a leading provider of employee engagement and healthcare surveys as well as consulting solutions, today announces the results of its annual analysis of employee engagement levels in the United States. By examining survey scores from hundreds of organizations, Avatar found 29.2% of employees surveyed were Actively Engaged, 58.8% were Partially Engaged, and 12% were Actively Disengaged. The percentage of Actively Engaged employees shows a slight increase from last year’s results.

Avatar’s study examined engagement norms across industries, including manufacturing, hospitality, education, retail, and others. The organization scrutinized the data further by specifically focusing on engagement levels in healthcare. The actively engaged population was slightly higher for healthcare employees, at 30.1%.

“Engaging employees presents a challenge for many organizations, regardless of industry,” said David W. Miller, Senior Consultant at Avatar Solutions. “By continuing to focus on engagement, highlighting key successes and effective initiatives, organizations can learn from others what works and what doesn’t, helping to move the needle on engagement across the country. At Avatar, we strive to provide the resources to assist organizations in this goal.”

Avatar uses the results of this study to offer organizations comparison data and to help develop strategies for improvement. Beyond engagement norms, Avatar also regularly conducts research around the effects of engagement on productivity, customer satisfaction, absenteeism, and other business outcomes. For more information, download Avatar’s Return on Engagement White Paper or visit Avatar Solutions’ website.

About Avatar Solutions

Avatar Solutions is an innovative survey research, analytics, and performance improvement company with over 30 years of experience. Avatar provides surveys and consulting to over 800 organizations in a variety of industries nationwide. Avatar works with some of the most well-known brands in the nation. For more information, please visit http://www.avatarsolutions.com.

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