*** Director of Ruff Ryders & Manager of DMX Speaks Out !!! *** ' WHAAT ! '

Sounding much like a mad-cool mix between 'Fonz' from Happy Days & Sylvester Stallone from 'Rocky' - Montana greets me with a "Heeeey, ma brotha" • A few minutes of this mans time is worth thousands of dollars & work, still he takes time to talk.
By: Montana - Ruff Ryders / DMX
MONTANA - DMX Manager & Director /Pres. of Ruff Ryders
MONTANA - DMX Manager & Director /Pres. of Ruff Ryders
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BRONX, N.Y. - Jan. 27, 2015 - PRLog -- Sitting in the new jet-black Cadillac of, and with, the one and only Montana RRL, Director and President of Ruff Ryder (and Rr Latino Music) makes one feel indeed quite privileged and honored. This is a man who juggles in the one hand all matters concerning responsibilities, policies, rules, guidelines, for the famous and beloved Ruff Ryders, and in the other, he handles the equally demanding and complex concert schedule & tight security affairs of Mr. Earl Simmons, whom to many more is better known as: DMX.

Being present with Montana granted me a (very loud and crystal-clear) first time listen to 'Official DMX Tracks' still un-released - (recorded in NY studio, just a few weeks prior). Swizz Beatz, Mega-Producer, Musical Master Genius, and long time friend of DMX, originated, tailored, fine tuned, and specifically provided these remarkably contagious beats, for him. The music pumping from the speakers, alone, is enough to give goose bumps. It's Swizz Beatz, doing his thing - spinning air into gold - making the sound original, fresh, exciting, and new.  The results are beyond perplexing. DMX s' unmistakably recognisable husky and energetic voice hits the beat, I now know I am officially witnessing very special, rare, and brilliant collaborative musical artistry. It's DMX at his best too, Gruff, Effortless, Real, Bold, Driven. I can hardly believe that I am one of the very first few people to hear this. Montana was present in the studio as this all musical magic unfolded and he is proudly sharing of this amazing material just as would a happy child, with a brand new box of building blocks. As this magnetic music plays, I almost feel like I am in the studio, with all of them. Montana adds: "we have recorded enough great footage of X too, that we have decided to produce a documentary feature to accompany his Album".

How close are we to the release date?

"We have not yet decided".

How many tracks are finished?

"We got plenty".

I have just listened to DMX s' newest and  most relevantly meaningful music to date. Montana who is himself, a very heavy contender, respected, seasoned, and quite influential in the Industry, is easily also one of the kindest, closest, coolest, a most trusted friend of DMX. This man fundamentally realized the incarnation of these collaborations for X, Swizz Beatz, as well as for all eager and excited Worldwide DMX fans. They will not be disappointed. Montana tells me quite confidently: "take it from me, this will be a another multi-platinum winner for X, I promise you that".

Surely, Montana, there is no doubt about it.

Concerning however, the illegitimate album that recently made International News, I have to ask Montana some tough questions about it. Entitled: 'Redemption of the Beast', at first glance this album looks real, but is it? DMX fans are so starved for, if not nearly deprived, of any or/all 'New DMX' material. Is there a chance that DMX fans will perhaps try to buy 'Redemption' thinking that it's official material from their ultimate Rapper, and hero? What can fans expect from 'Redemption'? Have you personally heard any of the tracks? Is someone trying to cheat him, and if fans buy 'Redemption', will they thus still be supporting X ?

"No. The 'Redemption' album is nothing but stolen extras, or left-over material from DMX 's 2012 album 'Undisputed' - which they had no permission to putting it out there like that. I was just as much surprised, as was X, as was Domenick Nati (Nati Celebrity Services). It was done under-handedly. Yes it's still our X, but they had no right to release that material without requesting our permission, approval, or consent. They damn well, all know it too. Don't worry, we're handling it, ourselves. This matter concerns some decision makers from his former management company. For their sake, it's never going to be released, much less sold".

How is X feeling about the 'Redemption' album? What is he saying?

"He was not really 'angry' about it, but he was not very happy about it, either. He was just silent and pensive, when he heard the news... No,  on second thought, he was really pissed off, but not like crazy, or anything. He was going on with: 'If God is for me, who can be against me' - that, followed by a bunch of cuss words. Once I spoke to him, he chilled and was then just mad about it, but still keeping cool'.

Montana s' comment reminded me of a statement made by one of DMX s' biggest fans from Poland, Bartek Wu : "Knowing DMX... if he is 'just quiet'... I would $#@! my pants!!"

How excited is X of the  actual 'New Swizz Beatz' produced album?

" Are you kidding !? He actually 'cried' when we first presented him with his friend Swizz Beatz s' instrumentals, we got that moment on film too. It was beautiful".

While still gliding around town smoothly in Montana's luxurious 'whip', all of a sudden he turns up the volume on the Stereo System and shouts: "Here listen to this, this is the Mark Wahlberg track". Montana adds: "It's incredible enough, get this, that when Mark heard the finished studio product of this very track with X, he raised his hands in the air and said "that's it! It's his now. I can't touch this anymore, it's X's , I'm done". At that, Montana laughs with great satisfaction.

I ask Montana also about the Ruff Ryders Latino Music Label s' Cano Fino & Ed Tunz. They too have both worked together with DMX, because of Montana. These two solid, creative, and highly talented Reggaeton Artists, are in their own right two 'forces to be reckoned with'. Their music is unrestricted, raw, energetic, true, and very unique - proud and perfect examples of Ruff Ryder power.

What was 'that' recording session like?

"When you match Genius talents like them, you can easily make History from it. We are looking into joining that very track, to DMX 's new Album, as well".

Montana, I have to ask you this as well, on behalf of all fans. In all reality, is it possible for an ambitious, respectful, talented, up-and-coming Music Artist / DMX fan, in the World, to musically collaborate with him?

"Hey, have them send any recorded, Mixed & Mastered Material in to me, through you J-Zak, and I'll check 'em out... He listens to just about everything 'music-related' I send him. There are no guarantees, that you or I can make, but you never know what X likes. If you do send anything... just make sure it sounds good, and not wack". (DMXmusicSubmission@hotmail.com).

Montana, thus un-selfishly, granted me one of the most truly unforgettable automobile rides in recent memory, as well as a first-insight on the exciting and powerfully epic and moving new music, by arguably one of America's greatest all time HipHop Living Legends. When the finished and completed Album is finally ready to hit the stores, make Music News headlines, and climb the Billboard Music Charts, the World will thus be reminded, once again, that there will ever only be one - D.M.X.

Montana, thank you!

J-Zak, reporting from New York.

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