A New Way to Repair Carpets after the Carpet Beetles Have Damaged the Material

Carpet beetles are common in Perth especially during the summers. It may feed on carpet and damage it. But there is a way to increase the value of the material by repairing it. Perth Carpet Master has shown it how to do that.
PERTH, Australia - Jan. 21, 2015 - PRLog -- Carpet beetles feed on a variety of animal-based items like leather, silk, wool, fur and animal hair. As a result, they infest carpets, blankets, coats, upholstered furniture, pillows, clothing and wool. They generally feed on such items when they’re soiled by food, soil and perspiration. These pests become quite active during the summers in Perth. So, homeowners need to be aware of such pests and control their infestation.

As a professional offering water damage restorations and carpet repairs in Perth, Perth Carpet Master had recently done a job where the carpet beetles caused a lot of damage to the fibers of the carpet of a homeowner. The carpet was damaged by carpet beetle around most of the walls and the homeowner thus asked us to install the border. It was a new kind of job done by Perth Carpet Master.

Perth Carpet Master put a border effectively cutting out all the damage while increasing the carpet’s value at the same time. Ron Whiting, the owner of Perth Carpet Master, after completing the job was very proud to have repaired the carpet successfully. He said, “The client asked me to install a border, which was a really good idea. She did not just save her carpet, she made it more valuable.”

Most of the species of carpet beetles measure around 1-4mm in length. They have an oval-shaped body and have a white, yellow and black patterned coloration. Some of their species also exhibit orange coloration. They infest the entire home and cause a lot of damage within weeks.

When larvae is seen crawling on the surfaces, it is a sign that carpet beetles have already infested. They may also be seen flying towards lights. The larvae generally chew the holes in the infested items. They even leave behind their skins by natural process. Heavily infested items become riddled with damage and holes.

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