India's leading eCommerce consultancy projected 37% growth of online business in India for year 2015, India's leading eCommerce consulting company, consulting more than 1750+ project across the globe with extraordinary expertise of eCommerce business with team of hard core ground level researchers has projected 37% growth of online retail business in India for the year 2015-16. The report also mentions outlook for various new segments and huge opportunity for B2C, B2B business in India. The report advises startups to initiate with own brand and specialize product segment.
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Jan. 18, 2015 - PRLog --, a leader in eCommerce consultancy in Asia, today reported its official released forecast for the FY 2015-16. The CMO Mukta Sharma said the current FY will be the year of online retail spending in India with an average growth of 37% YoY. The reported forecast the growth in the month of April, July, October, and November will be higher than average growth. Spending using desktop computers for that period will increase by 23% whereas the spending from mobile device will increase by 51% in FY 2015. assumes strongest increase in average spending of buyers with an increase of 47%. The report also forecast increase of customers by 54% in FY 2015, which is expected to boost the potential of market. Senior consultant Mr. Nitin Lodha said the trend of online payment will also increase 57% and COD will decrease, respectively. Mr. Lodha said making payment via debit or credit card is actually being very secure for the customer and it adds extra protection for after sales support, he said if a customer pays via debit or credit card and companies not address the customer complaint as per policy mentioned on the site then the customer can easily forward the case to the bank and request for a charge back. According to Mr. Nitin, in India people are not aware about the charge back feature of online payment and his emphasis to educate customers about the process.

The report also mentioned the year 2015-16 will be the year for startups and new projects, company advice that it is the right time to start a new project and the market has huge opportunity, the CMO advises new entrepreneurs to plan the project with long term vision, select potential category, build robust technology and fool proof marketing planning. Mr. Nitin Lodha, a senior consultant who is also an angel investor said the new project needs to more focused on strong back end technology, he exampled most of start-ups start project with average website instead caring about back office technology and website experience, which hurdles project growth in very short period of time., India's leading ecommerce consultancy advises new entrepreneurs to find opportunity in home decor, custom boutique fashion, personal care gadgets, health equipment, home and office furnishing, legal and financial service, electrical equipments, lightings, regional food products for an Indian online retail business.

The company has also assumed a positive outlook for eCommerce business in neighbouring counties like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Bangladesh. The neighbouring counties will be a new market opportunity for Indian eCommerce due to lack of sourcing in these countries.

At last, Mr. Nitin Lodha announced the company's new commercial model named knowledge investment, which instead of charging a consultation fee the company will fund the project by knowledge investment with long term involvement in projects, he said the knowledge investment model will help new start-ups to afford expert consultants and assure project success. The company will invest in 50 new start-ups in FY 2015-16, the details of the project report and knowledge investing model is available at


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