Green Design - Natural - Functional - And Livable. What Does That Look Like?

You read that right! All Natural - Energy Conscious incorporated into this amazing design but, a remodel can hardly be used to describe this home located in a small remote corner of Salmon Creek WA. It grew over 1000 square feet - Outward and Upward.
VANCOUVER, Wash. - Jan. 13, 2015 - PRLog -- In this small remote corner of 12812 NE 2nd Ave in Salmon Creek WA , nestled among the new shrubs, trees and new landscape incorporated into this Green Farm, you will find a Remodeling Project that completely changes the imagination about what is really possible.

One visit to this property and you know you have entered a completely different environment all together. I have never seen anything around quite so beautifully artistic. It takes your breath away!

In addition to the phenomenal design and liveability, it has dramatically changed the valuation of the property with an immediate 60% increase in home value and the neighbourhood value has increased as a result as well.

Thane Miller, owner of what is now Vancouver Green Farm had an Idea and a Dream. Mario Bustamante with Service Group Construction made this dream a reality! As far as Sustainability and going green is concerned, well it's what started the whole thing... "really".

You see, with climate change and all the hoopla surrounding that story, it's really nice to see someone actually doing his part to contribute to lowering his carbon footprint - regardless of what side of global warming you stand. Constructive, Idealistic, and Refreshingly Serene can be some of the characteristics you can expect to feel and see with this new design and aesthetics.

Mario met every need and challenge when it came to the design, planning and execution of the entire project that took 12 months from origination to completion. Dreams do come true!

I'll tell you one thing about this hidden gem that's not easily noticeable. People are walking proud in this neighbourhood after learning about the once turn of the century farmhouse going green in their area! They are on a different level now you see.

As Thane says on his blog; "This blog has been designed to document our attempt at creating a turn of the century farmhouse into a sustainable farm.  As one of the county’s original homesteads, our goal is not only restore and rejuvenate the two acre property, but infuse a different lifestyle that celebrates
true balance with nature. Built in 1920, the home began as a small, functional farmhouse, and evolved over the years to become a 1,200 square ft, 2 bed, 1 bath living space"..."The addition will add another 1,000 square ft to the home’s footprint, creating 2,200 square ft of living space featuring 3 beds and 2 baths. Sustainable building practices and materials are incorporated throughout the interior and exterior design paying tribute to the native climate while minimizing environmental impact"...

For more info, vIsit his blog at:


I am very proud to write up this report and sincerely hope you enjoyed this Press Release. You See, the person who did the green remodel is my younger brother, and gone are the days of mowing lawns as kids to earn a few bucks. It's where Mario got his start into caring for peoples homes and he has graduated into a full time Remodeling Company.

Great job bro! I'm proud of you and very happy to have the opportunity to let the world know that I love your hard work and commitment to helping us all live a more sustainable lifestyle. I love you!

- Elbert
Marketing Director
Service Group Construction

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