Triple Threat Marketing Expands Office to Prime Location

LEXINGTON, KY – Triple Threat Marketing has experienced tremendous demand for its interactive marketing services recently, prompting the team to expand operations and relocate to a larger office space.
LEXINGTON, Ky. - Jan. 5, 2015 - PRLog -- “We are extremely pleased with our recent success, and very excited at the idea of expanding our services into new territories,” smiled Trey, Triple Threat Marketing’s director of operations. “This office expansion reflects the steadily increasing demand we have earned for our marketing and consulting services. Everyone is very busy right now making this move a reality while handling the increased workload.”

When asked why this expansion was necessary, Trey responded that there were a number of factors involved. First, Triple Threat Marketing had simply outgrown its accommodations. It no longer provided both quiet spaces for executives hard at work developing campaigns and communal spaces for group projects and relaxation at the end of an intense day. Also, the old location is not as desirable as the new one. Trey feels that the move will give his firm access to a number of new clients.

One final reason for the move is that the new building more accurately reflects the image that Trey wants Triple Threat Marketing to project. “We’re marketers. We know better than anyone that perception can be everything,” Trey explained. “A brand new building in a high-profile location is exactly the way I want Triple Threat Marketing to be perceived: progressive, stylish, and profitable.”

Triple Threat Marketing on How to Properly Relocate

“Sometimes it’s not a change of pace, but a change of place that paves the way to success,” explained Trey. “A fresh perspective can make goals seem much easier to reach.” While Triple Threat Marketing’s expectation of growth was one reason to change locations, there were other considerations as well. “Relocation is not an easy thing to do – even when it’s done well. That’s why there have to be multiple reasons for making it happen. In our case, not only did we think it would encourage growth, but we also wanted to update our facilities, gain access to a larger workforce, and improve the quality of life for many of our current associates with features like a lower commute time and a better neighborhood.”

There were two main pitfalls that Trey kept an eye out for while planning the move. First, while cost is always a consideration, Trey believes that it’s worse to spend too little than too much. “When you try to spend too little, you are often not going to get the service you require,” Trey said. Therefore his goal was to stay in budget while not cutting too many corners. Also, he’s been planning this relocation for a very long time, knowing that rushing through a project of this magnitude will inevitably result in mistakes. “Trying to move too quickly is another mistake I worked very hard not to make.”

About Triple Threat Marketing

Triple Threat Marketing specializes in event-based marketing campaigns that deliver superior results compared to traditional, indirect channels. By working directly with consumers, we are able to build a personal rapport between our clients and their customers. Our highly-interactive approach has delivered results time and time again for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Triple Threat Marketing enables brands to develop loyalty and trust with consumers leading to high returns on investment. Find out more about how Triple Threating helps their clients expand and grow by visiting

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