The Institute for Advanced Medical Research Launches Adult ADHD Study

Dr. Angelo Sambunaris to lead team in new study focused on helping adults reach their true potential
By: Institute for Advanced Medical Research
ALPHARETTA, Ga. - Jan. 5, 2015 - PRLog -- Today the Institute for Advanced Medical Research announced that they will launch a new clinical trial for Adult ADHD in January 2014.  The pivotal phase 3 trial will be evaluating a non-stimulant in adults with ADHD.  If successful, keyword here is if, then this would be beneficial to a population of patients using stimulants in which the DEA requires monthly clinic visits in order to obtain a new prescription from their physicians.

About 60 percent of children with ADHD in the United States become adults with ADHD; that’s about 4 percent of the adult population, or 8 million adults.  Yet less than 20 percent of adults with ADHD have been diagnosed or treated, and only about one-quarter of those adults seek help.

ADHD is both biological and genetic as far as the source of the condition but symptoms manifest cognitively and behaviorally and adversely impact quality of life in places such as work, school, home, and social life.  Adults with ADHD may exhibit the same symptoms they had as children, and although hyperactivity often diminishes by adulthood.  ADHD symptoms often include an inability to focus, disorganization, and feelings of restlessness. Adults with ADHD may have a hard time organizing things, remembering instructions and initiating or completing projects.  These symptoms can affect their relationships and affect their work life.

“For many adults, especially men who struggle with ADHD, the diagnosis can prevent them from doing their best or from realizing their full potential,” offered Angelo Sambunaris, M.D., Founder and President of the Institute.  “Many adults with ADHD have decided to forgo medications or believe they can control symptoms through sheer willpower.  We have found that many of these same adults can improve their performance at work, build stronger relationships with loved ones and in general boost the creativity that comes along with ADHD through medical evaluation and treatment.  It’s about going from good to great.”

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About the Institute for Advanced Medical Research

The Institute for Advanced Medical Research empowers individuals struggling with neuropsychological conditions to actively participate in their treatment. By educating and informing patients and their families, the team offers them a renewed sense of purpose. Rather than simply being victims of a disease, study participants become health care heroes, creating a personal legacy of advancing medical science.

Adhering to the highest standards of quality and strict ethical principles of medical research, the Institute employs a patient-centered approach that balances a commitment to safety with highly personalized care. Since 1991, the Institute has helped more than 3,000 individuals improve their quality of life while ensuring that millions more can benefit from access to innovative medical treatments. For more information, visit the Institute for Advanced Medical Research website at, or call 770-817-9200.


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