10KMonthly.club Offers Access To The Highest Paying High Ticket Affiliate Programs For 2015

As affiliate marketing grows more popular than ever for internet marketers, stay at home moms, retirees and even college students, many grow frustrated with small commissions on low paying offers. The 10K Monthly Club offers access to the top paying affiliate programs in 2015 that pay up to $1000 per sale or more, monthly residuals and lifetime recurring commissions.
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Gain access to the highest paying affiliate programs - www.10KMonthly.club
Gain access to the highest paying affiliate programs - www.10KMonthly.club
NEW YORK - Jan. 2, 2015 - PRLog -- The internet has become a staple for people from all walks of life to make money online as they search for work at home online jobs, legitimate telecommute jobs, home based business opportunities and affiliate marketing offers. In 2015 affiliate marketing offers and the sheer number of affiliate marketers have reached record levels with a clear distinction that all offers and all marketers not created equal.

According to the Affiliate Marketing Statistics 2014 Benchmark survey from Affiliate Summit only 10% of affiliate marketers earn over $150,000 per year from affiliate promotion efforts.

This is attritubuted to the widespread popularity and misconception that it's easier to sell low priced products. Nothing could be further than the truth. In fact, the 10% of affiliate marketers who earn over $150,000 primarily promote only high ticket products and high end services with monthly residuals to create enormous passive income streams.

A spokesman from 10KMonthly.club released a statement explaining, "An affiliate marketer spends the same amount of time and effort to promote an offer that pays $1500 as one that pays $15.00. The high ticket products and services in high-end niches are actually less competitive because the average marketer focuses on small ticket affiliate programs since they are easier to locate."

He went on to say, "There are many ways to make $1000 per day online but not very many that enable you to earn that in a single sale or transaction. We feel this imbalance in the affiliate marketing arena may potentially diminish the popularity of the segment so we offer access to the few programs that are easy to promote yet payout very high commissions. Don't be an ordinary affiliate marketer; be an extraordinary affiliate marketer."

The 10K Monthly Club outlines the top 3 features of a great affiliate program to invest your time and efforts:

1. High payouts on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

2. Potential for long term income with repeat sales.

3. Monthly residuals from referred customers for the tenure (lifetime) of the customer's account.

4. Second tier and third tier commission structure that enables affiliates to build their own sales team.

5. Evergreen products and services that are always in need of the target market regardless of what is happening in the economy and marketplace.

The affiliate programs that fit this criteria and sign-up instructions can be found at http://www.10KMonthly.club

The 10K Monthly Club has also published a short e-book/PDF document that decribes these programs in detail entitled, "How To Make 2015 Your Highest Earning Year Ever In Affiliate Marketing" which can be found in PDF format here.

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