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Rob and Laura McConnell
Rob and Laura McConnell
HAMILTON, Ontario - Jan. 1, 2015 - PRLog -- Here Is Your Complimentary Edition of The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper - December 2014 - Christmas Edition - 82 Pages.

Your Link is : www.rel-mar.com/201412

These are just SOME of the stories and articles in this edition of THE ‘X’ CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER

Page 02: Index and Affiliates

Page 03: My Magic of Christmas Memories

Page 05: Say “Merry Christmas” To The World

Page 06: The Biblical Birth of Jesus

Page 07: When Disaster Strikes

Page 08: The Cosmic Crash of 2015

Page 10: A Visit From St. Nicholas (T’was The Night Before Christmas)

Page 11: Famous People We’ve Lost in 2014

Page 12: The Conscious Matrix

Page 14: Hurricane Survival Tips

Page 15: Sequestration Shovels Money To The Russians

Page 16: You Can Beat Lung Cancer

Page 18: Beyond The Supercomputer

Page 19: The ‘X’ Zone Directory of Who’s Who

Page 22: Prism Publishing

Page 23: Africa’s Unfinished Symphony

Page 26: The Number Genie

Page 27: Know The Name; Know The Person)

Page 29: S0, We’re Still Here. Now What?

Page 30: The Long Night

Page 33: Angels

Page 34: Time Will Tell

Page 36: Who Is This Babylon?

Page 37: 10 Remarkable Origins of Christmas

Page 39: Return Again

Page 40: A Christmas Carol

Page 41: Theatre of the Mind

Page 42: History of the Christmas Tree Angel

Page 43: Living Whole Well

Page 44: From Out Of The Woodwork

Page 45: The History of Santa Claus

Page 46: Make Real Changes in 2015

Page 47: CCC Publishing

Page 48: Asian Health Secrets

Page 50: Razor Of Madness

Page 51: All About The Wise Men

Page 52: The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Page 54: Cyber Mystic

Page 55: Chasing 120

Page 56: 12 Strange Christmas Customs

Page 57: Santa Visits NORAD Winnipeg

Page 58: Was The Star Of Bethlehem A Star

Page 59: Guiding Lite

Page 61: Astral Healer

Page 62: More Christmas Carols

Page 63: The Top 100 Christmas Songs

Page 64: Tara Greene

Page 65: Liquid Diamond

Page 66: Allah, We, Our and Us

Page 67: Bobcha’s Special ‘X’ Mas Corner

Page 68: Prevagen

Page 71: Dowsing with Joey Korn

Page 72: Future of God Amen


SPECIAL CHRISTMAS GREETING INSERT: * Friend of God * Fiction For The Monster Lover In All Of Us * The Mohammed Code * House Number Twenty-Nine * What Are The Angels Saying About You? * Jesus: King of Edessa * Kiloton Threat * Till The End Of Time * Snippets From The Trenches * Remembering Our Troops at Christmas

From Our Home To You and Yours, A Very Happy, Love Filled, Peaceful, Prosperous New Year!

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