MUEV360 Announces TRED a Virtual Reality Treadmill Available for Pre-Order

NEW YORK - Dec. 31, 2014 - PRLog -- Kowloon, Hong Kong – 12/31/2014 – MUEV360 a new gaming equipment design company today officially announces the launch of the TRED a virtual reality omni-directional / 360 degree gaming treadmill for pre-order on their website.

The TRED allows users to fully immerse themselves into virtual worlds by controlling their avatars via the users own physical movements much like the real version of the robot controllers in the movie Pacific Rim. However, the TRED is the size of a recliner, less constraining and needs only one person to use it. The TRED can sense walking, running, jumping, crouching and strafing allowing users to play virtually any game originally intended for a keyboard.

The TRED utilizes motion capture technology which is what sets it apart. The current version allows for the sensing of lower body movements but future upgrade accessories will allow players to also control hand movements such as creating a Kamehameha like Goku the Super Saiyan or throwing a punch like a boxer in the ring. Supporters will be issued a rebate so they can purchase the upgrade accessory at a discount when it comes out in late 2015. With this upgrade accessory the TRED will truly evolve into a full body motion sensing gaming system and treadmill making the possibilities endless.

The uses for the TRED are not limited to gaming and can be expanded into to training simulation, medical rehabilitation, health training, educational experiences, virtual tours and convention attendance. Many governmental medical, military and education agencies have already begun researching the use of the harnessed treadmill. Users can walk unlimitedly in one direction in a virtual environment yet never leave their real and original position. The design and size of the treadmill is an obvious space and cost saver for many of these institutions.

The TRED is designed with a contour platform and a free movement waist harness so users’ feet can slide back into position naturally yet keep the player safe from harm and allowing for unhindered movement respectively. The designers have invested long hours into the design and know that the successful launch of the TRED will depend on its’ supporters.

As a bonus to early supporters all purchases will immediately be shipped a X-Rover gun controller that can be used on PC’s, Playstations and the Xbox, making the wait a little more bearable.  Early supporters can opt out of the gun controller and get a $80 rebate for each friend referred making the TRED extremely more affordable.

About MUEV360

MUEV360 is a culmination of gamers and hobbyists that were looking to build something they would love and for themselves. Coming from all walks of life, the MUEV360 team is in the fiber of their skins geared towards creating amazing virtual reality experiences at an affordable price.

Rebated Price: $379.95
Referral Rebate: $80.00
Retail Price: $459.95


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