Happy New Year America and Homeless U.S. Veterans from DEARS Group LLC

The 1st day of the year 2015 can be a day of hope and change...
SEATTLE - Dec. 31, 2014 - PRLog -- Happy New Year America

2015 and beyond are America's Best Years

Our nation has become as is due to our gallant heroes:  U.S. Veterans

Join us today in helping those who've made everything we enjoy possible.

Perhaps we as a nation no longer require our protectors since we're forcing them to live on the streets. Employers and government refuse to hire them for being unqualified. They served their purpose in protecting us and now we owe them nothing in return. It was their choice to raise their hands and volunteer not ours. So now what? Food stamps? Homeless shelters? What else can we do with these persons? Should we support those who support them? This sounds good because no one needs to know.

Please do so in the following order:

1)  http://www.dearsgroup.com/Thanks2Vets -- We owe them our thanks.

2)  http://www.dearsgroup.com/Fees -- Sponsor a DTS site for a supporter of Veterans today.

It's time to act.  We, as a nation, must wake up and stop forcing our veterans to live on the streets. This is a national disgrace and shame starting at the top.

Take a look please:  http://youtu.be/J9icvbdLEbE

Protecting America comes at a huge psychological cost for many veterans. This does not excuse us all from caring for them but makes it an urgency on a continual basis.  Now is the time to do so through direct donations or by supporting those who will do the sad work of moving veterans off the streets where they never should have ended up in the first place.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and may your future be filled with the goodness contained in a single veteran.

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