Aloha introduces an unmatched program to boost the mathematical capabilities among tiny tots

Aloha, a Canada based company introduces an amazing program in mathematics which emphasizes on developing mental and mathematical skills among tiny tots up to 7 years of age.
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SURREY, British Columbia - Dec. 22, 2014 - PRLog -- Aloha Canada has introduced its mind math programs which not only help children grasp wonderful mathematical abilities but also focuses on developing the children in a way that they become capable of harnessing their complete brain potential. Experts say that humans are not capable of using the optimum potential of their brain, but if we train our brain through some mental challenges in a structures manner, it is possible to stimulate the brain’s left and right hemispheres.

The hemispheres, both right and left, of brain perform different functions and a large percentage of people only use one side of the brain whilst leaving the other side non-functional. But Aloha Mind Math Canada is an incredible program that helps kids and especially tiny tots develop their brain at a very tender age. In our day and age, the studies have become exceedingly competitive and one needs to be very careful in the studies to acquire the top spots. Additionally, the competitive exams and admission exams for various schools and colleges focus evaluating the analytical, logical and mathematical skills among students. (

Aloha’s unique mind math program addresses all these in an amazing manner. This program has two levels, one of which is designed for tiny tots up to 7 years of age. These are very tender years and any toddler from 5 – 7 years can take on this program. This program is based on a very simple and ancient counting methodology, called abacus which is very easy to understand for any toddler. Starting from basic abacus skills, the students are made to gradually towards acquiring other skills focusing on different mathematical operations. After passing all the levels of the program, the students become capable of carrying out mathematical operations without using any pencil, paper, abacus or calculator.

Not only mathematics, but this program also helps learners to grasp many other skills while going through its 10 different levels. This is an internationally accredited program that helps learners in more than one ways. Among its numerous benefits are boost in the accuracy and speed in solving mathematical problems, development of logical reasoning and analytical skills, keen observational and concentration skills, creative capability and imagination skills and many more.

The skills that tiny tots develop through this well structured Mind Math Canada program positively and greatly contributes in the exceptional development of the two cerebral hemispheres, both left and right, aiding children to enhance their capacity and capability for concentration and learning. Also, the skills developed at such tender age tend to remain with children throughout their lives helping them in various phases and segments of their life, be it related to education or professional career.

Aloha is an international organization present in more than 29 countries across the world spread across 5 continents. With such vast presence, it is helping millions of students develop valuable skills and become successful in their student lives. This program is especially very helpful for tiny tots as their brain gets stimulated at an age where any positive change is permanent.

About The Company:

Aloha, a renowned company based in Canada offers astounding mental mathematics programs that can help tiny tots develop vital skills like mathematical ability, self-confidence, observation skills and many more. To know more about the company, log on to (

Aloha Mind Math Canada
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