Aloha offers a well structured Mind Math program for aiding children develop analytical skills

Aloha’s Mind Math program is a well-structured program aimed at developing exceptional analytical and mathematics skills among children in their elementary years.
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SURREY, British Columbia - Dec. 22, 2014 - PRLog -- The everyday use of mathematics, arithmetic and other statistical concepts are an everyday commonplace. The usage of mathematics in everyday life is undeniable and especially for students, who find mathematical applications in various fields of study. At the same time, a fact that cannot be ignored that a large percentage of students consider mathematics to a difficult subject and gasping its concepts a time consuming process.

Considering this, Aloha has come up with an innovative idea of making mathematics interesting by introducing mind math program that emphasizes on developing numerous vital skills in children apart from sharpening their mathematical abilities.

Aloha Canada’s mental mathematics program follows a holistic approach and finds its roots in one of the most ancient counting techniques, known as abacus. It is an internationally accredited mathematics training program specially designed for students and children 5 – 13 years of age to aid them develop exceptional mathematical skills whilst enhancing their learning capabilities in rest of the subjects.

This program developed by Aloha is a well-structured program that helps in several imperative ways. Aloha has been offering this program in over 29 countries across the globe and up till now more than 4 million students have successfully developed analytical and creative skills.

In order to help all the students of all ages easily grasp the concepts, Aloha program utilizes abacus as the fundamental concept. It not just makes learning easier but also helps in maintaining the universality of the program. Children start with performing the mathematical operations, basic in nature, using abacus and gradually learn to visualize the abacus in their brain without using a real abacus in front of them. This helps them perform simple mathematics operations mentally with ease.

With practice, they learn to take up different challenging assignments and start achieving the different levels of the program. The program is divided into different levels. While tiny tots are required to take up 10 levels, kids more than 7 years of age only have to take up 8 levels of the program.

It is a well structured program with defined levels focusing on a specialized mathematical skill one at a time. These levels subsume addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powers, and calculation of square roots, percentages, decimal operations and combined mathematical operations. Children are not just taught to carry out the mathematical tasks based on these operations but they are gradually helped in performing these operations with accuracy and speed. The most surprising element is that once kids and tiny tots complete this program, they become capable of performing these basic mathematics operations without abacus, paper, pencil or calculator.

Another benefit of this well structured program is that it helps in the sti8mulation of the right hemisphere of the brain and which in turn boosts imagination, memory, abstraction, concentration, creativity etc.

Moreover, it helps in the right development of brain which is required by children to perform well in other subjects in our day and age’s challenging and highly competitive educational environment. By enrolling your child in this program, you can help him/her develop some skills that will prove helpful throughout his life.

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Aloha with cardinal aim of providing a quality oriented, skills based mental arithmetic program has presence in over 29 countries across the globe. To know more about the company, log on to (

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