United States National SECURITY REPORT

Cost Analysis and History of U.S. Domestic Security including Annual Expenditure on Corrections Nationally
White Paper on Security published by ▲Church 10/14 answers "What is Security?"
White Paper on Security published by ▲Church 10/14 answers "What is Security?"
WASHINGTON, Mass. - Dec. 4, 2014 - PRLog -- ▲Church Publishing publicly announced today “White Paper on Security.” The report's answers to the question what is security will keep readers of this paper, academia, and reporters alike thinking throughout the 11 paged research publication. The paper’s 2 page conclusion is terrorism is not new, police only started being paid by public governments as late as 1800, and 60 billion dollars in annual budget authority is far too great an amount for the new U.S. Cabinet Department of Homeland Security which was neither intended to provide global security nor investigate police reports.

Indistinguishable, “The Department of Justice boasts a broad array of national security, federal law enforcement, and criminal justice responsibilities but also provides funding to state and local law enforcement partners in order to bring counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, and foreign intelligence surveillance operations under a single authority- separate from the Department of Homeland Security’s,” said Church Publishing in White Paper on Security. “Including…the U.S. Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Department of Defense, government spends nearly 1.4 trillion dollars to keep its people free from fear and harm.”

Beyond federal government, police ranks have swelled in numbers since 1992. In 2008 the number of full-time employees working in local law enforcement was 1,133,915 and Los Angeles Airports is the third largest local police department having a transportation related jurisdiction. A far cry from Sir Robert Peel’s Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 which organized the world’s first 1,000 public police constables in London less than 200 years prior, today over 5 million people are employed by governments to provide the U.S.security. Church’s "White Paper on Security" contains additional research on 50 U.S. States’ Departments of Corrections. That insert lists each State’s annual expenditure on prisons and corrections including juvenile justice and community supervision. This research totals State spending with the U.S. Department of Justice's fiscal year 2015 Federal Prisons and Detentions budget then concludes that insert with a national expenditure on corrections estimate. In the United States, prison is one avenue for security threat mitigation. After citing inflated figures, Church Publishing’s research concludes 56.9 billion dollars are spent annually by U.S. State and Federal Departments of Corrections to more accurately address the paper’s questions how to address insecurity and how much do security solutions cost us plus the insert's methodology includes rationale for additional estimation of local jails spending.

Church Publishing was inspired by Noodle Church, superhero who teamed with Aliens to end the global war on terror then lay framework for World Peace on Earth. Founded in 2011 to produce a web series called Church, The Television Show, in 2014 Church Publishing employs three authors, has two new novels in its pipeline, and now publishes non-fiction like “White Paper on Security.” Church Publishing aims to market stories that help build better, more productive societies and like Congressional Committees from the 1970’s Church Publishing’s main triumph has been informational. To learn more about this paper view its Press Kit now.


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