Dallas Clinic Getting ACL and Tommy John Surgery Patients Back In Under 18 Weeks

With ACL/MCL and Tommy John Surgery, a lost season was a foregone conclusion. Apparently that’s no longer the case. Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab is gaining a track record of getting players back in under 18 weeks and the sports community is taking notice
By: Dallas Peak Performance
ADDISON, Texas - Nov. 26, 2014 - PRLog -- Over the past 24 months, Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab http://www.PeakPerformanceAndRehab.com has been making waves and shocking the baseball community for their ability in eliminating the need for Tommy John Surgery in more than 95% of the cases they have seen. In reshaping the landscape on how baseball players are now treated for UCL (Ulnar Collateral Ligament) and labrum issues, however, their ability in rapidly recovering athletes from ACL and other surgeries has largely flown under the radar. Until now. Since Keith Pearlman’s feature story in the Village Sun Newspaper hit the stands regarding the rapid recovery of 16 year old Kole Harris from Tommy John surgery, Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab has been inundated nationwide from athletes seeking these very same results.

“Yes, that was a great piece on Kole and how he was able to get back on the field after Tommy John surgery in 4 months as opposed to a year.  The surgeon, parents, coaches and other players were amazed at how fast we were able to get him back to 100% and more importantly stronger than he was before the surgery. How are we able to do this? By utilizing the patented and proprietary ARP Wave System post-surgery, we are sending blood flow to the repaired tissue at a much, much, much greater rate than traditional therapy, which vastly accelerates the healing process and we then couple that with strengthening protocols on the ARP, contracting the muscle at 500x per second neurologically.  So as the blood flow is accelerating the healing process at a rapid rate we are simultaneously strengthening the surrounding area and transferring the force away from the repaired tissue. Blood flow in, force out combined with neuro strength training and you have rapid recovery that PT or other therapies cannot compete with on any level,” stated Mark McClure, ARP Wave expert and Managing Director of Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab.

(From Keith Pearlman’s article “Quick Comeback” in The Village Sun regarding Kole Harris's rapid recovery)

Kole Harris's head football coach, Richard Pettus had this to say;

“It’s one of the most incredible comebacks I have been associated with as a high school coach. When you hear Tommy John that’s one year. I give kudos to his parents for finding this special rehab that he went through. But really the kudos have to go to Kole who did the work and went through the ARP Wave treatments to find a way to come back,” Pettus stated.

Kole’s father, James Harris, did the research that led him to Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab.

“Kole’s goal is to play football. When he first got hurt we talked about just getting focused to get healthy for baseball. But he wanted to play football and we knew that traditional physical therapy was not going to work for him”, Harris stated. So two days after Kole’s surgery he was immediately put on the ARP Wave System and under the care of head ARP Wave therapist Paula Wallem.

“When I first started out I was a little suspicious of it (ARP Wave). But the further I went along the better my arm got, the stronger my arm felt and the rehab got easier and easier. About halfway through I could really start to see the results and that’s when I started to realize I might be able to play football. It was tough but it paid off in the end,” Kole Harris said.

And pay off it did.  From a potential one year of rehab knocked down to only four months, athletes, coaches and pro sports agents alike have taken notice of Dallas Peak Performance’s rapid post-surgery recovery results and are not only looking to the clinic in simply saving a players season, but careers as well.

Scott Casterline, Certified NFL Agent:  “I had an NFL tight end with a high ankle sprain. Was told he would be out 4 weeks. After 10 sessions on the ARP Wave at Dallas Peak Performance, he was running FULL SPRINTS, no pain and cleared to play in under 4 days! I trust my player’s careers to the ARP Wave System and in some cases it HAS saved their careers. Absolutely no one, I mean no one rehabs an injury completely and faster than Dallas Peak Performance. No one. Period.”

Is Dallas Peak Performance Changing The Rules For How We Rehab Post ACL Patients?

Every time you turn on the TV for a sporting event it seems an athlete is going down for some kind of tear, the ACL and MCL most prominent. The results of these tears is a lost season and in some cases if the rehab process is too slow, a season and a half or more. McClure, however, believes that with the ARP Wave System and his clinic's programs they cannot only eliminate ACL/MCL tears but if a tear does occur, have athletes back 70-90% faster than traditional therapy and in almost all cases in under 18 weeks. This is not just lip service, as McClure’s claim is backed up by two recent post ACL cases treated at their clinic, both getting back to full activity in under 18 weeks.

First was Dallas based elite female MMA fighter, Audrey Drew, who suffered an ACL tear and was presumed to be out at least 9 months to a year before she could resume normal activity. After hearing about the success the ARP Wave had with her MMA colleague, former UFC Champion Guy Mezger, Drew immediately went into the ARP Wave program with Dallas Peak Performance and head therapist Paula Wallem.  By the 12th week mark of the therapy her ACL rehab progress was so advanced that her surgeon cleared her for limited training activity and by week 18 she was back in the ring and training for competition.   “My surgeon and I were amazed to say the least. What should have taken me nine months to a year to rehab my ACL was cut to an astounding 18 weeks. And I couldn’t feel better”, stated Drew.

Hollywood stuntman (“Dallas”, “Lockdown”, “Argo”, “Sons of Anarchy”, etc.) Freddie Poole, had had ACL surgery before and after his second operation knew he didn’t want to go the long, tedious and unproductive route of traditional physical therapy. So he immediately went into Dallas Peak Performance’s ARP Wave “In Home” ACL program one week after surgery and by week 5 was doing full squats with zero pain (as seen here) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mZDrNtQ-rc . By week 7 Poole was back on the set of the TV show “Dallas” in his role as stuntman and stunt coordinator. This was in December of 2012 and he says has been pain free ever since.

So how is Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab able to generate such remarkable post surgery recovery results for their patients? The secret lies in the completeness of the ARP Wave system and protocols and the way their therapists are able to customize their efforts based on each individuals limits, says McClure, who has everything down to a two-step process.

“In the recovery room or immediately when they get home we put the ARP Wave on above the incision and below the incision, which instantaneously increases blood flow to the repaired tissue and thus begins the healing process, this is all part of our popular “in Home Program”. For the next 45-60 days the athlete will sleep with the ARP Wave, continuing blood flow to the repaired tissue and in the process neurologically strengthening the area around the ACL. Everything, and I mean everything we do is in line with the surgeon. Surgeons love our ARP Wave ACL Program because it eliminates post-surgical contractions which is huge, and more importantly eliminates atrophy, per a recent study we had done. There is not a therapy around that can make those claims.  During this 60 day In Home program they are sleeping with the ARP each and every night, and during the day conducting limited but highly effective ARP Wave protocols via Skype with a Dallas Peak Performance therapist. So in essence they are receiving more than 9 hours of therapy a day as opposed to 3 to 4 hours a therapy a WEEK with traditional PT. That’s close to 70 hours a week of blood flow and neurological therapy as opposed to only 3 to 4 hours of traditional therapy a week. What is going to heal you faster? Our results speak volumes,” McClure added.

“At the end of the 30 days our patients have complete range of motion, zero pain, zero swelling and by day 60 are now prepared to go into our Neuro Therapy Program where we locate the ORIGIN of what caused the ACL tear and accelerate the rehab process in conjunction with the surgeon’s program. This is what separates us from everyone else. We are not only able to locate the origin of what caused the ACL tear which is never where the tear occurred, we are also able to eliminate the neurological disconnect(s) and in the process eliminate the compensatory actions that were the root cause of the injury. Ultrasound, laser, stim, none of those modalities or therapy can do this. When a patient completes our program they are not only a healed, but the issue that caused the tear to occur in the first place has been addressed. That’s huge, absolutely a must.  And in summation, that force is no longer going to the ACL but to the appropriate muscles meant to absorb that force. This is a neurological issue, not a physiological issue and by treating the neurological origin it allows us to accelerate the healing 70-90% faster than traditional therapy and more importantly make it permanent,” McClure ended.

From one year to 18 weeks on average for ACL, Tommy John and other sports related surgery rehabilitation. Has Dallas Peak Performance rewritten the rules on how we treat athletes post surgery? It’s beginning to look that way. You can’t argue with the results, and with 600+ NFL Players and 2,000 of the world’s most elite pro athletes who trust their multi-million careers to the ARP Wave system, it doesn’t get more credible than that.

For more information on Dallas Peak Performance's Post Surgery Program go to www.PeakPerformanceAndRehab.com or call them at 469-513-4200.

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