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Providence, RI – The director of operations at CitySide Distribution announced ongoing efforts to build leadership skills and confidence in team members, and to empower them to succeed.
PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Nov. 18, 2014 - PRLog -- “In addition to a steadfast commitment to our clients and their customers, we maintain a fierce dedication to the advancement of our team members,” said the firm’s director. “One way we do this is by training them to be the next generation of influential business leaders.” He indicated that eliciting and sharpening leadership skills in others requires significant time and resources.

For instance, CitySide Distribution’s director explained that he instills in his team members that long-term objectives are more important than individual performance. “It can be difficult for one person to run a company on his or her own, which is why we value teamwork so much,” he stated. “True leaders are able to see beyond themselves.”

He also reported that consistently challenging others is critical to developing their skills. This can mean implementing tight deadlines, for example, or regularly increasing the magnitude of responsibilities. “I believe that aspiring – and veteran – leaders appreciate knowing where their boundaries lie,” the director continued. “They need challenge, but they also need limits. These help professionals maintain their own areas without interfering in others.”

CitySide Distribution’s Director of Operations Discusses the Cultivation of Empowerment and Confidence

The company’s director also explained how he helps his team members feel empowered and confident. “At CitySide Distribution, we believe in encouraging one another to reach our full professional and personal potential,” he stated.

He pointed out that empowerment involves reflecting on skills, values, and goals – and making necessary adjustments to succeed. It enables people to be more aware of their abilities, enhance their contributions to their teams, and to work toward self-fulfillment.

“There are many dimensions of empowerment. Self-awareness refers to an individual understanding of strengths and weaknesses, and how they interact with personal values – opinions and beliefs that are sometimes so ingrained that people have trouble identifying them,” indicated the director. “Exploring and embracing values is a profoundly empowering experience.”

Empowerment is also closely tied to skills and goals according to the director. Goals are the means with which individuals take charge of their lives, and they provide people with direction. Skills are the tools needed to achieve goals, so mastering them leads to the power necessary to achieve success.

“All of these dimensions are closely intertwined,” he concluded. “Once they are realized, however, team members consistently enjoy a feeling of confidence and pride they never experienced before. Empowerment breeds self-confidence, which is a quality that is imperative to the kind of successful leadership we cultivate at our firm.”

About CitySide Distribution

CitySide Distribution is a results-driven consulting and marketing services firm committed to delivering interactive promotions that drive brand loyalty and growth. Their passionate team of brand ambassadors has the talent and initiative to develop specialized campaigns that create lasting connections between clients and their customers, and their unique communication channels produce immediate, impressive results. CitySide Distribution fosters a family environment that gives their executives the freedom and support to design innovative promotions based on careful market research and consumer analysis. As a result, they have earned the opportunity to work with a diverse group of businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies.

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