Can The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Be Used To Influence Others?

Is it possible to use conversational hypnosis to alter a person’s state of mind on the spot and lead them into a hypnotic trance?
By: The Power of Conversational Hypnosis
ATLANTA - Nov. 9, 2014 - PRLog -- The Power of Conversational Hypnosis states that it can increase your powers of perception and intuition in such a way that a person will be able to hypnotize subjects without them knowing it. This works by crafting advanced “rapport hooks” that forces subjects to build rapport with you quickly.

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Is Conversational Hypnosis possible?

Dr. Milton Erickson was an expert at hypnosis, he recognized the subliminal signals people give off so that you can anticipate their every move. There was one instance, where he noticed one subtle thing about a female co-worker and congratulated her on being pregnant. She had recently only found out about her pregnancy earlier that day.

The creator of the Power of Conversational Hypnosis is Igor Ledochowski, he isolated the principles behind Erickson’s techniques. Igor then tested different ways to turn Dr. Milton Erickson’s semi-covert strategies into "under-the-conscious-radar" strategies that are undetectable to the subject. These are techniques that can be used any time during normal conversations without the subject or bystanders being aware.

Dr. Daniel Araoz of the American Board of Professional Hypnosis and Professor of Mental Health Counseling at Long Island University speaks about, Igor stating "Even after 40-years of studying hypnosis,I am impressed with Igor Ledochowski's contribution to the field."

Here is a video by Igor.

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Subjects won't be able to resist the hypnotic influence

With the Power of Covert Hypnosis a person can Influence people to do what they want, when they want and have others obey their covert commands without their knowledge! It can be used by doctors, lawyers, hypnotherapists, engineers, sales people, business owners to persuade more clients and customers to buy their products and services. In sales it can be difficult to close the deal and using the Power of Covert Hypnosis will give a person confidence to negotiate in their favor with ease.

The secrets found in the Power of Covert Hypnosis will allow the user to command respect and admiration from perfect strangers almost instantaneously. This happens as the subject is unaware of the clues given by their own body movements and other signals that can be detected once a person knows what to look for.

With these techniques a person can get a yes out of people when usually there might be stress and struggle of the back and forth process. And being able to compel family, friends and co-workers to accept certain suggestions and advice can work in a person’s favor. This is especially the case when trying to convince kids when they would rather not listen.

What is The Power of Covert Hypnosis all about?

In this course by Igor, he gives many different mediums in order to practice the techniques and get started fast in seeing results. Users of his program have stated progress in the first time with using the techniques outlined in the course.

This course comes with a lot of material and in it you will find. Almost 14 hours of audio instructions with written transcripts of every word on the audio program including the bonus audio sessions of over 18 hours total, the Language Pattern Cards, the Milton Model handouts, Gorgias by Plato, and the 9-Step "Cheat Sheets" Blueprint for mastering conversational hypnosis quickly.

There are specific exercises in each section with over 63 total exercises in the entire course. These exercises were created so that the lessons are ingrained in the unconscious mind. It is easy to do the exercises and this is the key to using these secrets in everyday situations.

The Power of Covert Hypnosis also has 3 free bonus sessions:

        Stealth Tactics Proven To Boost Powers Of Influence

In this one hour and two minutes audio bonus session there are examples and exercises on how to do away with the conscious wall of resistance and stubbornness some people put up.  It reveals ways to plant ideas inside the mind of subjects by lowering the defenses of their conscious filtering system and get them to take action.

·          Conversational Hypnosis In Action - The Super Hypnotic Storyteller

In this one hour and four minute bonus session Igor performs a full-length induction. The purpose of this induction is to demonstrate by example how to induce a trance using the power of hypnotic storytelling. As a person learns the hypnotic storytelling process, their unconscious mind will begin making changes to implement these lessons. This is stated by Igor to happen automatically as part of listening to this bonus session.

·         Top Secret - Breaking The Hypnotic Storyteller Code

This bonus session is a one hour and fourteen minute audio and transcript. This bonus is a step by step session that breaks down the hypnotic storyteller induction given in bonus 2. This shows how the hypnotic interaction sounds, so that what has been learned can be used to craft a powerful conversational hypnosis process in the user. It comes with the induction, the language, stories, structure, themes, trances etc.

If someone is just starting to learn hypnosis then this program will show them an easy but effective way to use conversational hypnosis. In the Power of Covert Hypnosis they will learn the correct principles of hypnosis and how to apply them effectively. If a person happens to be familiar with covert hypnosis this program fills in the blanks and gives the missing pieces not found in other programs dealing with hypnosis. Learn more here

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