Abiento® releases new fashion website for men

After the success of our fashion for women website abiento.co.uk, we are pleased to have just released abiento pour homme. A website aimed firmly at style conscious men with busy lives.
CAMDEN, U.K. - Oct. 22, 2014 - PRLog -- So why another men`s fashion website? Surely we don`t need more? Well, having had major success already with the Abiento® brand providing a simple fashion shopping experience for women, we know there is room for abiento pour homme.

With ASOS recently seeing £400m wiped off their value according to The Guardian, people might be forgiven for saying that online shopping for clothes is on its way out. We disagree. What we see is that our customers love to see new and exciting products from non-mainstream retailers. Nike are great, but yawn, everyone has Nike.

Feedback from our customers who rate style and individuality high on their list of priorities, confirm that they want choice, not price comparison sites with the same old products and suppliers.

As everyone knows, guys are different to gals. They don`t like and haven`t got the concentration span to browse through hundreds of products and web pages to see what they want. No, they want to get in there, get the stuff they need and get back out again.

So why does the website abiento pour homme help them do this? Simple, we have gathered together our best retailers, trawled through their websites to find all the best gear and where it is located then made it super simple for our visitors to get to exactly where they want with one click.

We have carried out endless tests and methods and the one we have settled on is the favourite with our test panel made up of guys aged between 25 and 50.

We asked them several questions before we planned the site but the main theme was based around the following;

“Do you like buying new clothes”?

“Yeh we love new stuff to wear.”

"Do you like surfing the web looking for clothes,shoes and fashion accessories"?“

“ No, we would rather be surfing down the beach with our mates”.

So we came up with our one click method. You want a choice of shoe suppliers, just click and you are taken exactly to where they are. If you don`t like what you see, another click and you are looking at a selection offered by one of our other retailers.

Same goes for trousers, jackets, coats, shirts, knitwear, swimwear in fact anything and everything guys like to wear, but can`t really be bothered going to the shops to look for it.

The guys loved it so we released it last month and with more selected retailers being added all the time, our visitors get to choose from high quality clothing and footwear with competitive pricing and delivery options all with one click. No hunting around the web or the shopping mall.

Simple and quick, just how guys like it.

If you like your fashion shopping for men quick, simple and high quality, use http://www.abientopourhomme.co.uk/.

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