Proto - The Modular Wallet (Crowd Funding Live)

Imagine: modern day swiss army knife meets customizable wallet ... but, without the knife.
PERRYSBURG, Ohio - Oct. 20, 2014 - PRLog -- My name is Joshua Walton and I am co-starting a company called Proto Wallets.

It’s a daily annoyance to fumble for keys, cram a bulky wallet into a pocket, or stare at the blinking red light on a dying phone. How does Proto Wallets solve all this, and more?

Proto Wallets is the solution to carrying the everyday tech that takes up so much space.  We’ve developed ultra-thin modules similar to the size and shape of an iPhone 4. Each module clips to other modules via magnets on the four corners. Snap several modules together and you’ve got a phone charger attachment, a steel multi-tool, a key holder, and an entire wallet in less space than a standard wallet or money clip.

Proto Wallets is absolutely personalized: you don’t necessarily have to use all of the attachments at once. Pick and choose modules based on your needs and create a wallet like you’ve never had before.

Please check out our campaign page for early deals at manufacturing costs. These prices are only for the first customers and have a limited availablity:

Joshua Walton

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