Peter Vekselman CEO of Vex Does Real Estate Announces A New Real Estate Lead Program

Peter Vekselman of Vex Does Real Estate well known real estate investor and businessman in Atlanta has released a lead program for real estate investors. With over 20 years of working knowledge of the real estate industry he has developed a solution.
By: Vex Does Real Estate-Peter Vekselman
Vex Does Real Estate Peter Vekselman-Atlanta Real Estate , Real Estate Agents
Vex Does Real Estate Peter Vekselman-Atlanta Real Estate , Real Estate Agents
SNELLVILLE, Ga. - Oct. 5, 2014 - PRLog -- Although my team and I have been using this same method for years, you may find it truly revolutionary. That’s because we’ve never offered this service to outside agents and investors before.

The bottom line is this: As a real estate agent or investor, you need a continuous source of good leads. And fresh leads. Not leads that have been called a dozen times already.

Imagine if you could have your own private source of prime, interested, never-been-called leads that NO ONE else has.

Well, that’s what I’m offering you right now.

Say good-bye to cold, invalid leads that have been sold to every agent and investor in town.

My name is Peter Vekselman, and I changed the way real estate agents and investors get leads to grow their business and income. No more spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on leads that don't make you money.

When you tap into my proven system, along with a name, number and information about the property, you’ll also get instant access to real people with a property to sell, and who want to speak with you.

Here’s how it works:
If you’re an agent or investor, you can choose very specific zip code only in areas you want to work in. Then, from our offices in Atlanta, we launch a direct mail marketing campaign to find people looking to sell their home.

The sellers call and talk to one of our live real estate professionals who takes their information. They warm up and qualify the seller by telling them how great you are to work with.

This live call is then instantly transferred directly to you! Your phone rings with a distinct ring tone. The property information is instantly transferred to your phone so you already know what they need.

Plus, if you’re a real estate investor, we go even further and start the negotiating process for you, finding out how much the seller would actually take for the property. So by the time you get the call, half your work is already done for you.

No one else is doing this. NO ONE. Anywhere. You won’t find leads like this. Only we have the track record, resources, system and experience to provide them for you.

So if you’re tired of handing over your hard-earned money for bad leads, call now and let’s start. Our system has been perfected over the years and is 100% flawless. We have been using it for years ourselves, but it’s never been offered to the general agent/investor pool.

And I’d call before everyone else in your area gets wind of this offer. If you want to lock down your area first, then call now and get the jump on others. I know this is a competitive business, so you have to work smart, not just hard.

A new level of success and income awaits! Call now!

Register today and you are on your way to getting more Real Estate Listings. And closing more Real Estate Transactions.

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