Mommy Makeover Mini: A Less Invasive Post Baby Body Makeover Gets Great Results

Childbearing can take a great toll on a woman’s body with extra fat, loose tummy skin and a deflation and descent of the breast. However, with today’s advanced technology, the mommy makeover mini procedure can effectively reverse these effects using a combination of several less invasive procedures designed to give women their pre-baby body back without scarring or prolonged downtime.
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Mommy Makeover Toronto Patient Before and After 1
Mommy Makeover Toronto Patient Before and After 1
TORONTO - Oct. 1, 2014 - PRLog -- After childbirth and breast feeding, a woman’s figure can change dramatically. She could be left with extra fat, loose skin of the tummy, a tummy muscle bulge and love handles. Another common and dreaded effect is the deflation and descent of the breasts. That’s why mommy makeovers are popular procedures as they restore the tighter bodies women had before pregnancy. In the past, mommy makeovers often involved full breast lift and tummy tuck surgery which left women with extensive scars and long recoveries. Luckily, with today's less invasive technology, that's no longer the case.

“This aggressive surgical approach has changed with the advent of new technology. Now, the mommy makeover mini has come to the forefront,” says Dr. Mulholland, a Toronto cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Mulholland is a pioneer in the development of BodyTite, a radiofrequency-assisted liposuction, and SmartLipo, a laser-assisted liposuction. These liposuction devices are used during mommy makeover procedures to remove fat around areas such as the abdomen. What makes these lipo-contouring technologies advantageous is that they liquefy the fat as well as heat and tighten the skin and soft tissue.

View a mommy makeover video below:

These new liposuction techniques deliver controlled heat to the fat tissue which turns the fat into a liquefied consistency, making fat removal gentler, resulting in less pain and swelling. The heat closes off small blood vessels, leading to less bruising than ever before.

Another desirable advantage using these liposuction methods in mommy makeover minis is that using SmartLipo and BodyTite can result in 17-35% soft tissue contraction. Thus, women who are hesitant to having large scars and traditional excisional surgeries like standard tummy tucks or liposuction can get significant contraction through these new energy-assisted thermal liposuction techniques. These techniques can be performed under local anesthesia and do not leave women with long scars.

“Usually, the entire tummy can be contoured and tightened without a traditional tummy tuck or any skin excision. Or, a mini skin-only lower tummy removal that results in a C-section sized scar is achievable,” says Dr. Mulholland.

For post-baby breast enhancement, it’s far less common to have to perform formal breast lift surgery. The advent of the new, FDA cleared cohesive silicone gel breast implants (also known as gummy bear breast implants) makes the risks of visible ripples lower compared to saline implants. “A more aggressive use of high dual plane implant pocket placement gives a greater degree of the desired breast lift effect with nipple-areolar upward rotation and fullness of the upper pole without breast lift scars,” explains Dr. Mulholland. Before doing any surgery, patients can get a sense of how their breast augmentation results will look like. The Vectra 3D breast photo imaging station allows mommy makeover patients to actually see the lift effect that the gummy bear implant will give.

“The combined modern mommy makeover procedures can transform a  woman’s body back to her former self or even better,” says Dr. Mulholland.


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