“Aon’t Be Caught Dead! Get “Alive Biometrics Signature Systems”

A Silicon Valley startup announces “Alive Biometric Signature Solution Systems” technology. Robert Mason of BRINKMAN & BRINKMAN INTERNATIONAL IP BROKERAGE claims this revolutionary technology completely “locks out” all hackers.
SAN DIEGO - Sept. 29, 2014 - PRLog -- Cyber Hacker’s days Are Numbered!
By L. Jones


A Silicon Valley Biometric Security Development Company has developed the ultimate in online security. The company which wishes to remain anonymous for security purposes has developed technologies they call “Alive Biometric Signature Identification Systems”, “Fragmented Character Data Storage Vaults” and “Character Defragmention Devices”. With these new revolutionary technologies integrated into a super security system they will guarantee a complete “lock out” of anyone not identified and authorized to access the data servers. Robert Mason of BRINKMAN & BRINKMAN INTERNATIONAL IP BROKERAGE says that BRINKMAN & BRINKMAN is now licensing the technologies to companies in numerous industries around the world. BRINKMAN & BRINKMAN INTERNATIONAL IP BROKERAGE claim that this family of patents and trade secrets “ALIVE BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE LOCK-OUT SYSTEMS” and the “MULTIPLE DATA STORAGE SERVER CHARATER FRAGMENTATION VAULTS” hold the key to the greatest security and privacy systems of our times. The “ALIVE BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE” combines a physiological sensor with the biometric reading device which then creates the “ALIVE BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE LOCK-OUT SYSTEM” and “ALIVE BIOMETRIC ACCESS SYSTEM”. This will prevent anyone from losing an eye or finger or possibly a hand. These systems allow a person that is “ALIVE” and “AUTHENICATED” with a “NORMAL PHYSIOLOGICAL STATUS” to access the device.The defragmented encryption algorithm created for the” Alive Biometric Signature System” is designed to completely eliminate all Cyber-attacks and internet security breaches at all levels, says Mason
In conclusion Mason added “we may just someday live on a more peaceful planet someday because of this technology. It has the ability to continuously create future innovation capabilities that will affect every level of our lives for some time to come. The technology will completely eradicate Cyber Warfare on a global scale. The innovated systems allow for every company, country and government on Earth to create, design and build their own isolated “Alive Biometric Identification Security Systems”. This technology is so far advanced that the developers believe it will never be able to be hacked and it will continuously protect the identities of every individual in every country around the world for hundreds of years” Mason also stated “The developing company has also discreetly allowed information out on how the systems maintain complete anonymity. The engineers, innovators and the think tank groups that were all involved in creating and designing these new systems and devices had realized the tremendous and awesome power behind these technologies as they were developing them, so the team created an infinitely changing algorithm preventing anyone, company or government from retaining or storing any individual’s complete biometric signature”.

These technologies are good for the following industries:

Physiological Sensor infused Biometric Signature accessibility data servers
Physiological Sensor infused Biometric Signature accessibility router protocol
Physiological Sensor infused Biometric Signature accessibility communication Devices

ATM transactions
Wireless transfers via communication devices
Point of sale transactions via communication devices
Account verification identification of authorized users

Health Care Monitoring:
Onsite patient
Operators of all forms of communication, transportation, banking, and security devices

Sea Vessels
Personal watercraft/motorcycles

Infrastructure Security:
Government buildings worldwide (U.S. occupies 224,000 buildings globally)
Private sector professional/retail buildings
Voting machines and polling locations
Train stations
International ports
Oil rigs
Private homes
Governmental housing
Sport arena’s
All public & private events
All structure access points
Throughout entire buildings and surrounding facilities
Industrial mining operations
Factories & refineries
Nuclear power plants
Hazardous material storage facilities

BRINKMAN & BRINKMAN INTERNATIONAL IP BROKERAGE™, working together with companies already established in their industry, will revolutionize identification systems and platforms. BRINKMAN & BRINKMAN INTERNATIONAL IP BROKERAGE™ will be partnering with a variety of companies and government’s worldwide.

For further information go to www.brinkmanandbrinkman.com or email Robert Mason at info@brinkmanandbrinkman.com


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