Neuro-Tech startup produces first Memory Recording

Millennium Magnetic Technologies reads and captures thinking
RIDGEFIELD, Conn. - Sept. 25, 2014 - PRLog -- Permanently saving a memory or a thought as it is experienced by the mind is no longer just a dream with Millennium Magnetic Technologies’ cutting-edge patent MentScan™

MMT is a neurotechnology startup company, and “the only company that is now offering memory records commercially,” said Dr. Donald Marks, founder and chief science officer of MMT.

“We’ve just completed our first actual memory scan for a well-known software game programmer,” said Marks. “It was very exciting to put our technology to work to make a permanent record of the client’s most important memories.”

Memories are the firing of neurons in complex, but similar patterns that, at a basic level, are known as recurring, similar thoughts in the brain. Using its knowledge of memory, MMT couples its technology with questions that aim to prompt recollection in order to record different memories as they are formed and experienced by the mind.

Marks added that any person who opts to have the recording would have a permanent look into their mind “for themselves, for their children, for their spouse or other family members to eventually view.”

According to CEO of MMT Dr. Steven Levy, it could be beneficial to use memory scans to “’reboot’ the brain following injury or mental illness.”   He speculates that celebrities, politicians, community leaders and individuals could also offer their recordings for historical value or for ‘download’ on social media, “although the playback is still in its infancy.”

However, MentScan™ is not limited to personal use.

The scans are also provided by MMT to “objectively document the brain patterns that pain causes.” For personal injury lawyers, these Pain scans can become crucial to their clients in reaching a fair settlement or for admission to court.

“We can identify Preclinical Alzheimer’s showing if at risk individuals may develop the disease so early action may be taken to potentially impact it,” added Levy, explaining that the memory scans can also identify and monitor the “brain signature of Fibromyalgia.”

MentScan™ can even go as far as replacing polygraphs with an over 90 percent accuracy in detecting deception, as well as assessing the mind’s response to advertising.

In the near future, MMT will also provide Autism screening in infants so that early treatment can be offered to potentially reverse the disease.

For Marks the future of the Memory Scan is for it to become as common as doing a video recording of any special event.

“Essentially anything your brain experiences, MMT can detect objectively and link the pattern to that thought,” he said.

MMT’s MentScan™ has been featured in International Business Times: UK Edition.

Millennium Magnetic Technologies

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