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Smart lipo, Cool lipo, Slim lipo, Fill in the “blank” lipo- so much fat and so little time!
Sept. 4, 2014 - PRLog -- Smart lipo, Cool lipo, Slim lipo, Fill in the “blank” lipo- so much fat and so little time! What a feeding frenzy  the marketing Companies  have created to somehow gastrically bypass the original concept of “fat reduction”. Good old fashioned diet and exercise  - even though boring and, OMG, “work”- have the best tract record for a consistent and persistent slim-down effect. The operative word here is consistent, because regardless of our best efforts for diet and exercise (and yes, even more so after liposuction) fat in some shape or another is a normal healthy part of our body’s function. Simply put, fat is the body’s long term energy reserve- reducing it by any means (especially surgery) won’t mean a thing in 6 months unless the habits of healthy eating and exercising are being consistently maintained over our life-long journey. “Oh come on Doc, that’s a lot of pie in the sky! “ you scream (for ice cream comfort foodsJ), “you Plastic Surgeons suck out our fat and most surely fatten your wallets in the transfer”. Yes we do! However let’s talk turkey here- Liposuction (surgical removal of fat) DOES WORK AFTER those diet/exercise  areas (neck, breast, tummy, “love handles”, thighs etc.) have become “resistant”  to further fat loss- because they are the body’s fat storage areas. Sometimes we  will do liposuction in anticipation of an honest commitment for the diet/exercise habit change, which will often kickstart and maintain that commitment- whatever works to get you to the gym and out of the fridge! “Ok Doc, we get it – diet/exercise good- junk food/ couch surfing bad- but what’s the story with all the lipo brand names?”. Ok, so here’s the skinny- ALL FORMS OF LIPOSUCTION WORK, as long as fat is being removed in a surgical procedure . What we don’t know is to what degree the overlying skin will recontour after liposuction, and that’s where the jury is still out (maybe to lunch?) regarding any “additional” proposed(and  bill board marketed) skin tightening techniques (aside from actual, in addition to liposuction, traditional skin excision procedures,  as in tummy-tuck, neck-lift etc). So let the buyer beware – and may you be brilliant for choosing the right reasons for liposuction! Please contact our office so we can further  assist you in achieving  your bottom line. (561-833 4122 Info@PalmBeachPlasticSurgery.com, Facebook- PalmBeachPlastic&Cosmetic Surgery)
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