Limitless Strategies, Inc. on Indirect v. Interactive Marketing and Industry Impact

Jenkintown, PA – Limitless Strategies, Inc.’s director discusses his expertise in interactive marketing, articulating the firm’s strategy superiority to indirect outreach.
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Jenkintown - Pennsylvania - US

JENKINTOWN, Pa. - Aug. 29, 2014 - PRLog -- Adam, the director of operations at Limitless Strategies, Inc. is a knowledgeable and experienced marketing expert. He provides a detailed account of the benefits offered via his preferred promotional technique, as well as a thorough explanation of the difference between indirect and experiential marketing strategies.

“Interactive marketing refers to the promotion of a service or product by interacting with targeted demographic or existing consumers without the use of a third party,” states Adam. “At a corporate event or trade show, for instance, executives are available to answer questions and provide specific information.”

Limitless Strategies, Inc. is a leading innovative firm in this industry, and this has been its most successful means of outreach. The company uses experiential marketing to humanize the brand and to cultivate relationships with consumers.

As Adam points out, one study recently concluded that 80% of participating firm managers agreed that this type of marketing delivers higher returns on investments than indirect alternatives. A different research report indicated that more than half of the participating consumers believe that information and experience are the factors most likely to change their minds when considering a new product or service.

“This approach builds close bonds and trust between the executive and the consumer. The consumer expresses his or her needs, and the executive is able to fulfill those needs by listening and relating,” reports Adam.

The director of operations indicates that direct marketing is a vital outreach tactic for businesses of any size. Consumers are encouraged to respond to a specific call to action, such as a purchase or download, and there is no confusion regarding the intention of the advertisement.

Limitless Strategies, Inc.’s Director of Operations Analyzes Effectiveness of Indirect Marketing

The team at Limitless Strategies, Inc. prefers interactive marketing over its counterpart, indirect marketing, due to the former’s personalized approach. Indirect marketing consists of many of the most traditional outreach strategies. This includes billboard, television, magazine, newspaper, and radio ads.

Adam explains that these conventional advertising techniques are expensive, because they require the services of third parties. They are far-reaching, but extend across general populations instead of a targeted audience, and measuring their impact on returns on investment is difficult. They are also too numerous; consumers encounter a plethora of ads every day and are likely to ignore them.

Indirect marketing efforts are most valuable when expended over lengthy periods of time and with minimal investment. They should always be made in conjunction with assertive experiential advertising strategies. “The value of interactive marketing should not be ignored,” concludes Adam. “It is the most efficient means with which clients reach their consumers.”

About Limitless Strategies, Inc.

Limitless Strategies, Inc. combines the expertise of its associates and high-quality strategic planning with impeccable execution in every initiative it launches. The experiential consulting and marketing firm reaches consumers via unique promotional platforms that garner measurable results. The team members diligently prepare every campaign, whether it is for a new business or a well-established firm. Time to market is swift and consulting services are available throughout its duration.

The primary goal at Limitless Strategies, Inc. is to cultivate dynamic relationships between clients and their potential consumers. The company effectively assists clients with fast-paced business growth, using scalable models designed to meet diverse campaign goals and to maintain compatibility with evolving market trends.

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